How to Transfer Outlook Signature to new PC.

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This is a small guide on how to transfer your Outlook Signatures to a new PC. One of the most important tasks, when moving to a new computer is transferring your personal files as well as your Outlook data and signatures.

Transferring your Outlook signature to another computer is a very easy process and will save you the trouble of recreating your signature one by one from scratch.

How to Transfer Outlook Signature to another Windows computer.

Step 1. Export/Save Outlook Signature to USB disk.

From your old computer, go ahead and back up your signature to an external storage medium (e.g. a USB drive) , and use that to transfer your signature to your new PC.

1. Plug in the USB in your PC to copy and transfer your signature to the new computer.

2. Press the Windows key

+ R to open the Run dialog box.
3. In the Run command box, copy And paste path/address below and press enter: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft

4. Now according to the action you want to perform:

If you have one or more signatures, and want to transfer everything to the new computer, copy the folder Signatures to a USB drive. If you have multiple signatures in Outlook, but you only want to transfer one, or a few of them, to a new computer, open the folder SignatureAnd copy to a USB disk only the files* associated with the signature(s) you wish to transfer.

* Info: Each signature has three (3) files and one (1) folder with the same name as the signature name.

For example: if you have two signatures in Outlook with names “Signature1″&”Signature2″ and you only want to copy/transfer “Signature2″ to another PC, you need to copy 3 files named “Signature2″(.htm,.rtf &. txt) and a folder called “Signature2_files”.

Step 2. Signature Import/Transfer to New PC.

To import your signature from old PC to new PC:

1. Plug in the USB disk with the “Signature” you copied from the old computer to the new computer.

2. Navigate to the same folder as above:

%userprofile %\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft

4. Finally, perform one of the following actions at your convenience:

To copy, all your signatures to a new PC, copy And paste Signatures from USB here. For copy just the signature you want, open the folder Signature And paste from USB, three (3) files and one folder with signature name.

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