How to Turn Off Profile Views on TikTok

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How to Turn Off Profile Views on TikTok

TikTok is all about visibility, presence, engagement and looks. However, there are times when you wish to have personal anonymity when using the platform and visiting other profiles, especially your competitors. TikTok has a great feature that lets you hide your profile view so you can view any profile without the creator seeing it and knowing your identity.

This article will explain how to disable your TikTok profile view history.

Turn off Profile View History on TikTok

This TikTok feature can be enabled or disabled from your account settings, and you will be able to see the different TikTok accounts that have spying on your profile. Only TikTok accounts with this feature enabled that have spied on your profile within 30 days will be shown in the profile viewing history. All TikTok account holders who have activated this feature will also see that you have checked their profile.

Follow these steps to turn off your profile view history on TikTok:

Open your TikTok app and click on “Profile” at the bottom right of the screen.
Click on the “Three-row menu” at the top right.
Click “Settings and Privacy”.
Click “Privacy”, then click “Profile view”.
Click on the toggle icon that you will find beside “Profile Viewing History” and enable or disable it. By default, it will be set to “Off.”

If you want to enable or disable profile viewing history from within the profile viewing page, follow these steps:

Open your TikTok app and select “Inbox” at the bottom of the screen.
Click the notification notifying you that someone has viewed your profile.
In “Profile View Page” select your “Settings” icon on the top right.
Select the toggle icon which will be next to “Profile Viewing History” and enable or disable it.

Another Reason to Turn Off Your Profile View History on TikTok

Prevent unwanted interactions – When people see that you have viewed their TikTok profile, they may want to interact with you for any reason, especially account creators advertising businesses or services, and even scammers. Turning off profile view history gives you peace of mind when viewing profiles of accounts you don’t believe are credible. Plus, let’s face it, you don’t want someone you don’t really communicate with to contact you after they see you checking out their profile. Less social pressure – Social media makes a lot of people anxious, and the thought of their profile views being seen by others on TikTok can be stressful. Turning off this feature helps these users explore creator profiles without the stress of knowing that they have done so.

What Happens If You Disable Your Profile Viewing History

This is what happens if you have turned off the viewing history of your TikTok profile:

After 30 days, your profile view list will reset. If your profile view remains turned off for 30 consecutive days, the previous profile view will be removed from the list of other users’ profile views. If you want to start over or hide your previous profile viewing history, this is useful. Your account will be removed from the visitor list. Once profile viewing history is turned off, your profile picture and name will not be visible in other account visitor lists. And when you check out someone’s profile when you turn off profile viewing, they won’t see that you checked out their profile.

Another Way to View Profiles Anonymously

To view TikTok profiles anonymously, turn off profile view history, check the profile you want to view, then turn your profile view history back on. Visit TikTok without using an account. Account users will not be able to see that you checked their profile. If you enable TikTok profile view while checking someone’s profile, and then decide that you’d rather they not know that you’re viewing their profile, you can quickly turn off your profile view, and your name won’t appear on their profile view. TikTok only shows viewers who have enabled their profile viewing at any time.

If you have Reactivated it but Your Profile Viewing History Is Not Showing

You may have decided you’d like to go back to being able to see your TikTok profile view history but you find that the feature isn’t working as it should.

Here are some options to try that may fix this problem:

Make sure you meet the requirements Try updating the app Sign out then sign in Make sure the TikTok servers are running

If you’ve tried all of these but still can’t see your TikTok profile view history, you should get in touch TikTok support to get help.

Disadvantages of Disabling Profile View History

If you’re a creator who relies heavily on audience insights to create relevant content, you’ll lose access to this information from people who visit your profile. This can make it more difficult for you to adapt content to suit audience preferences.

When making a decision whether to disable TikTok profile view history or not, you need to consider your priorities. If your top priority is privacy, turning this feature off will give you just that when you browse various TikTok profiles. But if you want to engage with your audience and need to get some insight into what’s working well, you should consider keeping your profile view history turned on so you can do that.

Spy with Peace of Mind

The profile view history feature on TikTok lets you see all the accounts that have checked out your profile, and lets them see if you’ve checked theirs too. And while this is great for users tracking audience interactions and demographics on their content, it can be a huge strain or distraction for people who prefer anonymity when browsing TikTok profiles.

If you’d like to view your TikTok profile anonymously, you’ll need to disable the profile viewing history on your TikTok account. Neither you nor anyone who views your profile can do so anonymously.

Have you ever turned off your profile view on TikTok? If so, did you use the tips and tricks featured in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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