How to Turn On or Off Mobile Data Roaming in Windows 11

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This article explains how to enable or disable data roaming with a cellular connection in Windows 11.

If your device has a built-in SIM or eSIM card with network connectivity, you can connect to mobile data networks anywhere there is a cellular signal.

Mobile connections work similarly to Wi-Fi connections and hotspots, where you can connect to available networks just by knowing the connection credentials. Once connected, you can browse, send email, and perform other network activities.

You don’t need to change cellular settings if your mobile data connection is working properly. However, if you’re having cellular connection issues, changing one or more settings may help.

One setting you can change is data roaming options. This determines whether your mobile data connection remains active when your Windows 11 device is outside your mobile carrier’s network.

Change Mobile Data Roamin Options

As described above, Windows allows you to change cellular data roaming options to prevent data roaming charges or use the mobile network in data roaming areas when you enable them.

Here’s how to enable or disable it in Windows 11.

First, open the Windows Settings app.

You can do this by clicking Start menu and choose Arrangement. Or press the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + I) to launch the Settings app.

During application Settings open, click Network & internet button on the left.

Select a tile Mobile on the right to expand it.

turn on mobile adapter in Windows 11

Click and expand the tile Mobile on the settings panel Internet Network .

Next, select the tile “Data roaming options” on the settings panel Mobilethen change the option to “Don’t explore “to deactivate it.

Exit and the Settings app when done.

Change the Data Roaming with Cellular option via the Registry Editor

Another way to change data roaming options with a cellular connection is to use Windows Registry editor.

To do so, open the Windows Registry editor, and navigate to the folder lock below.


If you don’t see Folder Lock GroupPolicyright click on WcmSvc master key, then create a subkey folder (GroupPolicy).

Microsoft Edge shows or hides the sidebar via the registry

Right click GroupPolicy right pane lock folder and select it New-> String Value. Type a new named item fBlockRoaming.

Double-click the new item you created (fBlockRoaming) and update it data value:

To disable data roamingtype 1. To enable data roamingdelete items fBlockRoaming. Windows Virtual Search enables or disables the registry

It has to be done. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Disable or enable data roaming using the Local Group Policy Editor

Another way to enable or disable data roaming with a cellular connection is through the Local Group Policy Editor.

To do this, first, open it Local Group Policy Editor by clicking Start and search Edit group policy, as highlighted below.

Then, choose Edit group policy in the Best match to launch section Local Group Policy Editor.

windows 11 edit group policy

On the left panel Local Group Policy Editorexpand the hierarchy:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Windows Connection Manager

on the panels Windows Connection Manager details pane on the right, locale, and double click settings Disallow connections to roaming Mobile Broadband networks.

In the settings window Disallow connection to roaming Mobile Broadband networks select an option below:

Not Configured – Same as Disabled. Data roaming is allowed. activated – All automatic and manual connection attempts to the roaming provider’s network are blocked. Non-active – The client is allowed to connect to the roaming provider’s Mobile Broadband network.

Choose OK.

Closed Policy Editor Local Group.

It should be!



This post shows how to toggle data on or off, roaming mobile network. If you find any of the above errors or want to add something, use the comment form below.


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