Is Hila Klein Pregnant? The CEO Of Teddy Fresh Sparks Expecting Rumors With Baby No.3

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Fans are wondering if Hila Klein is pregnant. Well, this would probably be her third pregnancy if true. The CEO of Teddy Fresh is currently making headlines as she is mourning the loss of her six-year-old canine, Shredder. He died because of kidney failure. Keeping this aside, Hila Klein and Ethan Klein sparked pregnancy rumors, which has become a big question. Is she expecting? 

Teddy Fresh is a streetwear brand that Hila Klein started in 2017. Little did you know, it collaborated with animated characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Rick, and Morty. Along with, Elton John is also one of them.

The fashion designer hails from Tel Aviv. In addition to this, along with her spouse, Ethan, the duo runs a YouTube channel – h3h3Productions. Besides this, Hila also has her self-titled YouTube channel, which has more than 1.87 million subscribers as of now. Not everyone knows that Hila Klein also earned fame for the comedy podcast- H3 Podcast. However, it was first launched on Twitch.

Coming back to Hila Klein’s pregnancy news, we aren’t very sure what started it. Well, Hila and Ethan exchanged their vows in October 2012. They are blessed with two sons, the second one born last year. They are named- Teddy and Bruce, respectively. What’s up with the third baby? Is the news true? Here is what we know about whether Hila Klein is pregnant.

Is Hila Klein Pregnant?
Hila Klein and Ethan Klein have become parents again (Credits: Distractify)

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Hila Klein Pregnant: How True Is It?

Yes! Here comes the great news. Hila Klein is possibly pregnant with a third child. In other words, the h3h3Productions stars (Hila and Ethan) are expecting another baby. Both are “super excited” and “happy.” 

It was again a very big surprise for Ethan. Hila revealed the news of her third pregnancy while he shot an episode of his podcast. She said, “So I just found out that I am pregnant. And I’m going to go tell everybody on the pod right now. Let’s go.”

The Teddy Fresh CEO hinted at first, saying, “I finally got the results.” When Hila revealed, Ethan hugged her and shared that she already knew that the baby was on its way. Hila Klein and Ethan Klein are very particular and possessive about their children. They hardly flaunt them on social media but share updates with their fans. 

Is Hila Klein Pregnant?
Hila Klein: CEO of Teddy Fresh (Credits: Medium)

In recent days, Hila Klein appears to have a bit of a bulging belly. That’s her baby bump, the most significant hint a would-be mother can flaunt, always. Also, in an episode of his podcast, Ethan shared that Hila acted a bit off. 

While we talk about Hila Klein’s pregnancy, it also calls for discussing Bruce’s birth. He was born on 2 February 2022. As the couple made it official, their fans poured their hearts out with blessings and good wishes. To be more particular, Hila Klein and Ethan Klein publicized her second pregnancy on After Dark’s 38th episode, titled- “We’re Pregnant!” 

Now, when Hila Klein is pregnant with her third baby, fans have again started sending her congratulatory messages. What are you waiting for? Soon, she will have a family of five! But what do you think- will it be a baby boy or a baby girl? 

Best Wishes to Hila Klein for the upcoming days of her life. Knowing that Hila is pregnant with baby no.3 is a crucial time for her. Even though she is an experienced mother, we are hopeful that her husband, Ethan, is taking good care of her. Congratulations to both Hila and Ethan! Follow Hila Klein on her Instagram account for more relatable updates. 

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