Is Hilda Pregnant In Ugly Betty Season 4? Hilda’s Future With Bobby

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Hilda Suarez-Talercio’s relationship status is like a roller coaster in Ugly Betty. She goes through a lot in her love life. Her love interests over the four seasons are Santos, Bobby, Archie, and Tony. However, she ends up with Bobby after going through a lot.

Hilda’s love life with Tony is short-lived. Tony appeared as Justin’s gym coach in the second season. He fails Justin, and Hilda arrives at the school to fight for her kid. After meeting each other, Tony and Hilda realize that they are attracted to each other.

However, Hilda soon learns that Tony is married and lives with his wife, though Tony promises her to separate from his wife. Later, Tony’s wife visits Hilda, and Hilda, who does not want to be the other woman, breaks up with Tony. Further, she dates a politician, Archie, but the relationship ends when she meets Bobby.

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Hilda And Santos

Hilda Suarez dated Bobby Talercio during high school but later got involved with Santos Reynoso. Hilda gives birth to Santos’ son, Justin, and raises him with her father, Ignacio, and her younger sister, Betty. Meanwhile, Santos remains busy running away from the moneylenders due to his love for gambling.

Hilda’s family does not like Santos. Santos gives Hilda some amount from his gambling money to get a lawyer. In turn, Hilda allows him to visit Justin. Running from the money lenders, Santos visits Hilda’s house and has dinner with her family in an episode.

Tony Diaz, Archie Rodriquez, And Santos From Ugly Betty
Tony Diaz, Archie Rodriquez, And Santos From Ugly Betty (Credit: ABC)

Santos returns in Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 15, Brothers, to Hilda’s place after Justin calls him. Justin fought with a boy who used a bad word for Hilda in school. Moreover, Santos supports Hilda when the boy’s mother comes to her home for an argument.

In the sixteenth episode, Santos appreciates Justin’s childish musical performance in the car while attending the musical. These two incidents show that Santos is getting closer to Hilda and her family. He is financially unstable but good at heart.

However, their happiness does not last long. After proposing to Hilda in the finale episode, a man shoots Santos in a convenience store while protecting others. Santos seems to recover at the beginning of the second season, which turns out to be Hilda’s fantasy. The beginning of the second season shows how Hilda takes some time to accept his death.

After losing Santos, Hilda prefers to stay in her house among elderly ladies. Gradually, she graduates from a Cosmetology school as a beautician and follows her passion. Justin sells his Playbill collection to let his mother open a new hair salon. Further, she again finds Bobby.

Is Hilda Pregnant In Ugly Betty Season 4?

Hilda gets pregnant with Bobby’s child in the fourth season, but the happiness does not last long. Bobby unknowingly re-enters Hilda’s life as a Driver’s Ed teacher at Justin’s school. Meanwhile, Betty likes Bobby, but she is only a kid to him! Bobby and Hilda start meeting again. On the other hand, Ignacio does not accept him because he believes in the rumors related to Bobby’s family.

After some time, Bobby clears Ignacio’s doubts and proposes to Hilda for a marriage. Hilda soon gets pregnant, and she knows who the father is. It is Bobby. Meanwhile, Archie Rodriquez, a politician Hilda used to date, breaks up with her. However, he does not know about Bobby or their upcoming child.

Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez And Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Talercio
Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez And Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Talercio In Ugly Betty (Credit: ABC)

When Bobby learns about Hilda’s pregnancy, he gets shocked and leaves her alone, but returns to her after some time and agrees to support her. He wants to be a part of his child’s life. He also begins the ‘Hilda’s Week’ to care for the lady who has only cared for others.

Hilda and Bobby share a kiss, but their happiness does not last long. They visit a doctor for a sonogram and end up finding that it is a miscarriage. Later, he proposes to Hilda, and they get married.

Hilda and Bobby realize that they can conquer their shortcomings if they are together. Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 20, the final episode (Hello Goodbye) shows them planning to move to an apartment together.

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