Is it OK to have sex during a young pregnancy? Here’s the answer Read Now

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Can you have sex during young pregnancy? Having sex is the right way to increase the romantic relationship with your partner, including young pregnant women. However, there are rules for having sex that need to be implemented so that it is safe for pregnant women and the fetus.

Even though it is permissible, not a few pregnant women refuse to have sex for various reasons, such as changes in mood, decreased sexual desire, to a weak body. Then, is it permissible to have sex during a young pregnancy? Here’s more information.

Know the Rules of Relationship During Young Pregnancy

If the condition of the pregnant woman is healthy and there is no history of pregnancy complications, sex is safe to do. However, there are things that need to be implemented so that having sex during young pregnancy remains comfortable, namely:

1. Have sex in a safe position

The position of intercourse determines comfort for young pregnant women, due to body changes during pregnancy and the presence of the fetus. Choose a safe position for young pregnant women, for example woman on top or lie on your side. Avoid positions that risk pressing on the pregnant belly, such as missionaries.

2. Create a comfortable atmosphere

In the first trimester of pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in young pregnant women, thus triggering a decrease in sexual desire. Therefore, creating a comfortable atmosphere is important for young pregnant women when having sex. Ways that can be done, for example ensuring a comfortable temperature in the room, a safe and comfortable bed, no strong odors, turning on soothing music, and lighting aromatherapy candles.

3. Relax during penetration

Tips for comfortable intercourse during the next young pregnancy are not to rush during penetration. The use of vaginal lubricants can also be an option to reduce pain during penetration. If pregnant women are not in the mood, don’t force penetration. Relax and wait for the right moment to create sexual pleasure.

Know the Dangers of Connecting When Pregnant Young

There are many changes in the body of young pregnant women, including increased cervical sensitivity and intimate organs that have not been lubricated by vaginal fluids. If sex is done in a hurry, especially without foreplay enough, there is a risk of bleeding. In addition, having sex should not be done if a young pregnant woman experiences the following conditions:

  • Placental abruption.
  • Placenta previa.
  • Had a miscarriage.
  • Cervical incompetence.
  • Have given birth prematurely.
  • Twin pregnancy.

In addition, young pregnant women are not recommended to have sex if their husband has genital herpes. This aims to prevent transmission which carries a risk of birth defects and miscarriage. Therefore, if your husband has certain sexually transmitted diseases, you should consult a doctor for proper treatment and it is recommended to use a condom when having sex.

That is a complete explanation of whether or not it is permissible to have sex during young pregnancy. Even though it’s safe to do, young pregnant women should consult a doctor first before having sex, especially if they have the risky conditions mentioned earlier.

If young pregnant women feel certain complaints after having sex, don’t hesitate to go to the obstetrician immediately. The obstetrician will carry out a complete and thorough examination, so that pregnant women are given the right treatment.

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