Is Lisa From The Ultimatum Really Pregnant? Answered

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Want to know if Lisa from The Ultimatum is pregnant in real life? To the newbies, we are talking about Lisa Horne. In this reality show, we saw her sharing a romance with Brian Okoyein. Following the seriousness of their relationship, fans wonder if Lisa is expecting a baby with him. What do you think?

Who is Lisa Horne? To the newbies, Lisa serves as the Vice President of Clinical Services. Besides that, she is also a philanthropist and is part of a non-profit organization- The Noelle Foundation. She rose to fame following her entry in The Ultimatum Season 2. On the other hand, Brian is professionally a professional software developer. 

It was always very deep, starting with Lisa Horne’s relationship with Brian Okoyein. After sharing a romance for nearly a few years, Lisa wanted to get hitched.

But Brian was not ready to settle down with her, despite him loving her so much. Why? Because he believed that both had certain issues to work with before getting hitched. Well, nobody is perfect. Communication was always the issue in their relationship. 

It was Lisa who requested her long-time partner, Brian. Even after leaving the Netflix show, Lisa and Brian are reported to be together as a couple. 

Coming back to Lisa’s real-life pregnancy, the speculation is still one. In other words, fans wonder whether Lisa and Brian are expecting a child. What do you think? Did the couple share any updates? Or did they drop any hint, making the speculation more serious? Here is everything we know about whether Lisa Horne is pregnant. 

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The Ultimatum Star Lisa Pregnant: How True Is It?

Here comes the great news! Congratulations to Lisa Horne and Brian Okoyein. Lisa is not pregnant in real life but constantly receives well-wishes on social media. What for? The Ultimatum Season 2 star recently revealed the truth about her pregnancy with Brian. She is serving the mother of a fourth-month-old baby boy! 

Is Lisa From The Ultimatum Really Pregnant
The Ultimatum couple: Lisa Horne and Brian Okoyein recently became parents (Credit: Us Weekly)

The speculation of Lisa’s pregnancy started when she announced the show. That eventually led to their immediate departure from The Ultimatum Season 2.

Still, some of the audience were not at all convinced and addressed it to be quite dramatic. Following the news of the arrival of the baby, some even questioned the future of Lisa’s relationship wi

But the truth is, it’s just been a few months since Lisa and Brian welcomed their cute little son.

Concerning Lisa’s pregnancy, she said, “This journey as parents together has been a beautiful one.” She addressed it to be a “blessing.” On the other hand, Brian also appeared to be a great father, looking after the baby along with her. Yes, they are co-parenting for now. 

What about Lisa Horne’s relationship with Brian Okoyein? In other words, the relationship of this The Ultimatum Season 2 couple is still questionable to many.

One must note that neither is looking for engagement or settling down now. They are proud parents of their little son, and he is their topmost priority. Lisa said, “Still, there’s no ring yet or immediate plans for an engagement.” 

By now, we know Lisa is a great, lovely mother. She recently gushed about her baby boy, saying, “The baby is chunky and healthy! He is just the cutest thing.” She is badly obsessed and loves watching him asleep throughout the night. Even Brian said, “Fatherhood has changed me for the better.” 

At present, Lisa and Brian are living together and nurturing their family. Looking at how they are spending time together and co-parenting their son, we are likely to see them married sometime in the future.

However, the timing is unknown, as it’s not in their plan for anytime soon. It’s okay! Sending loads of love to the little cutie.

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