Is Mina Kimes Pregnant? NFL Player’s Love Life

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Is Mina Kimes Pregnant? Popular American journalist Mina has risen to huge fame and success as she has been a reporter for ESPN since 2014, when she joined the staff of ESPN The Magazine. Her impressive work soon made her a member of “NFL Live” in 2020 as she soon started to appear on other shows, along with Around the Horn, while also being a color commentator for the Los Angeles Rams.

Over time, Kimes has been applauded for her wit and impressive knowledge. Not to forget how the ESPN analyst even changed her Twitter profile picture to Mila Kunis after a Boston producer used a racial slur while confusing her with the popular actress.

Kimes also shared some heartwarming childhood stories of watching the Seattle Seahawks, along with her father and how she eventually got into football. Mina Kimes’s passion for football has been instilled in her by her dad, who had served in the Air Force. Kimes soon developed an interest while growing up on bases and adopted her dad’s teams, including the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners.

Soon, Kimes’ athletic career peaked with high school soccer as she also landed a job at Fortune as a reporter. It seems like Mina Kimes recently made headlines after she gave a major update about her personal life. It seems like the NFL analyst had a special date with her in her newest red-carpet appearance. 

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

Mina Kines is pregnant with her first child! The popular NFL analyst recently made the happy announcement on the ESPYS red carpet in Los Angeles. With an adorable Twitter post that showed off her adorable baby bump, Mina penned down a sweet caption that said that she bought a date with her.

Mina Kimes Pregnant
Is Mina Kimes Pregnant? (Credits: The Spun)

The caption cake, along with a heart emoji and a picture of herself while she is holding her baby bump. The popular NFL analyst was glowing as the soon-to-be mother had an adorable baby bump.

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Who Is Mina Kimes’ Husband?

Kimes is married to music producer Nick Sylvester. Nick is the co-founder of the alternative label Godmode. They are soon going to welcome their first child together. He is also a producer, songwriter, and co-founder of artist development company Godmode. The company is based in Los Angeles. Take a look at this adorable picture as Mina Kimes makes a major big announcement! 

The company has reportedly worked with reputed artists, including Channel Tres, JPEGMAFIA, and Yaeji.  It has been further revealed that Nick himself would work in the studio with Godmode’s artists and wants to focus on telling a cohesive story through lyrical, vocal, and visual elements.

Sylvester and Kimes reportedly tied the knot in September 2015 as the wedding ceremony took place at Material Culture in Philadelphia. The pair started dating in 2012 after they were introduced by Hutu friends.

What Does Domonique Foxworth Say About Mina Kimes?

Former NFL player Domonique Foxworth is all praises for analyst Mina Kimes! The former athlete explained how Mina Kimes has managed to fundamentally change the way sports media works while further adding Joe.

Mina Kimes Pregnant
Mina Kimes (Credits: The Seattle Times)

As much as they celebrate personal achievements, it is important to see how Kimes’ impact on sports culture has been underappreciated, as it feels like there is a pre-Mina and post-Mina way of doing the job.

Mina Kimes surely has come a long way as she initially launched her NFL podcast, and this was not just because she wanted to geek out on football but also because she wanted to have expertise while saying that she feels like she was not personable enough to have my own show, as she also believes in the need to bring information.

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