Jessica Simpson Faces Fans Backlash as Daughter Maxwell Johnson Rocks a Crop Top at 11

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It’s style stir!! Hollywood and fashion are always taking the front seat, whether they are popular celebs or their kids. The industry is known for oozing out fashion trends and styles. Some of them become the gossip of the town, and some get the viral ticket. 

Yet, in another incident, people are talking about Jessica Simpson’s fashion choice for her daughter. People who like Jessica Simpson were surprised when they saw that she allowed her 11-year-old daughter, Maxwell Johnson, to wear a short corset-style top. What shocked them even more was that Jessica Simpson proudly shared pictures of them together wearing those outfits on Instagram on August 26th.

Jessica Simpson’s been trolled for letting her daughter wear a crop top

In pictures posted on Instagram last Friday, the singer of the song “Irresistible” wore a short pink dress and a light pink purse while standing next to her pre-teen child. Her child was wearing a long denim skirt with a slit in the middle and a similar belly shirt with a corset-style crop top. She was seen wearing full makeup.

“Bring your Barbie to work day,” Simpson, who is 43, captioned her Instagram post.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson had a weight loss transformation (Credits: Daily Mail)

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Many people left comments criticizing Simpson for letting her daughter wear a bell-revealing top. One user commented, “Why is your 11-year-old wearing a corset?” Another user chimed in, saying, ‘My 11-year-old still looks like an American doll. I choose to keep her little, but everyone has their own choices.’ Another user commented saying that Simpson should avoid making her daughter’s appearance too mature.

Some people also mentioned that Jessica had previously talked about being criticized for her body when she was younger. They were concerned that her daughter Maxi might face similar judgments. 

One user commented that Simpson should, instead of being the girl’s best friend, really focus on being a responsible parent. The post further stated that despite the scrutiny that Simpson faced as a young adult, she is now making sure her daughter will have the same experience. 

Jessica Simpson was scrutinized over her body as a teen

In 2021, when Jessica appeared on Drew Barrymore’s Daytime talk show, she talked about how people criticized her body when she was a teenager.

Jessica Simpson shared that when she was young, she faced judgment even in the church. She had to wear things like blazers, vests, and turtlenecks, not wear a normal shirt like other girls. When she sang, she would feel a strong spiritual feeling and get goosebumps. But apparently, people would have inappropriate thoughts, so she had to cover up everything.

Jessica Simpson and Maxwell Johnson
Jessica Simpson was trolled for letting her daughter Maxwell Johnson wear a crop top (Credits: PEOPLE)

When Jessica stepped into the entertainment industry, things shifted. After leaving the church, people in the industry asked her to be more attractive. People said to her, ‘If you look a certain way once, you have to always look that way once. You have to always look that way. You are expected to keep that body forever, and that is what you should be.’

The actress from “Dukes of Hazzard” got attention for criticizing those who criticized her body. “We need focus on our mentality about even talking about weight,” Simpson told Access Hollywood in an interview last week.

People even accused Simpson of using medicines like Ozempic to lose weight when they said she looked much slimmer. However, she denied these claims earlier this month. In an interview with Bustle, Simpson, who is currently living a sober life, asked if people are hoping to see her start drinking again because that is when she weighed more or want her to have another baby. She clarified that she is not capable of any of these.

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