Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 Spoilers And Raw Scans: Gojo Wins The Battle of the Strongest?

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 is all set to be featured in the upcoming issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine It is the 41st issue and with all the other shonen series out of the said issue, Jujutsu Kaisen will alone be carrying the amazing issue and the spoilers for the series reveal that this chapter will be amazing and worthwhile and fill the gaps that we won’t get from My Hero Academia or One Piece.

As the title of this article suggests, these spoilers for the chapter bring an end to the battle of the strongest with Gojo achieving the upper hand instantly and very calmly. What the chapter depicts is the next 40 seconds of the battle following the cursed spirit Agito getting destroyed and we have never seen Gojo so calm in the series before.

The chapter depicts Gojo using his concentration at the best from what we have seen before and easily overpowers the adapted Mahoraga and Sukuna at once. But it honestly seems too good to be true and we are not sure what Gege sensei has for us in the future of the series.

However, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 ends with a cliffhanger more or less and we are going to have to wait more than a week since the upcoming chapter will be followed by a break. It was only reasonable as the author had produced four chapters back to back. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 Spoilers and raw
Gojo shooting purple in the anime (CC: Mappa/Gege)

So with that being said, let us provide the spoilers for how calm Gojo is while overpowering Sukuna and winning the battle of the Strongest. Here we bring you the latest updated content on the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235 Spoilers

As per the spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235, the chapter will begin with Gojo completely healing his right hand while Agito in the background gets destroyed by the Blue. The narrator adds that the intensity of Gojo’s Cursed Techniques has once again gotten stronger after using Two Flashbacks and this is making the king of the curses, Ryomen Sukuna nervous for the first time in a Thousand Years.

Speaking of Flashbacks, Gojo punches Mahoraga with a third Black Flash and appears in front of Sukuna who is very nervous. Sukuna tries to punch Gojo, however, Gojo grabs Sukuna’s hand and throws him toward Mahorga and initiates his fourth Black Flash which lands on Sukuna but Mahoragao protects him and gets it instead.

After this, Gojo chants to initiate his next attack and Sukuan assumes that Gojo is going to use the RED and plans to have Mahoraga get hit by it and get adapted to the red as well. However, Gojo surprises Sukuna and shoots the Red up above in the air and the latter starts to panic and tells Mahoraga to react to the RED quickly.

Gojo’s Suicidal Hollow Technique: Purple

As per the order, Mahoraga chases after the RED in the sky and sees that the BLUE that had destroyed Agito is still in the air. Mahoraga’s new order is now to not let RED clash with BLUE and destroy the BLUE by adapting the technique. 

But Gojo is quick to interrupt this and punches Mahoraga away. Whereas, Sukuna does his own attack to destroy the Blue with the piercing blood. Gojo gets to Sukuna and punches him as well however, the latter has already launched his attack. But Gojo chants to enhance the BLUE and therefore, the piercing attack is rendered useless.

The next page sees, Yuta apologizing for losing his cool and saying that he would indeed be a hindrance in the battle he was there now and Gojo wouldn’t have performed what he just did now. With this dialogue, we see the BLUE and the RED merge calling the name of the technique “Hollow Purple”.

Gojo’s PURPLE blasts everyone in the area including himself in the next double spread and we see Mahoraga’s Wheel getting destroyed as well. The aftermath of the PURPLE is displayed on the next page and we see a part of the City is completely destroyed and Sukuna appears from the rubble with missing his left again while his body is ragged and torn apart.

Gojo also appears from the destruction alive and well even though the PURPLE had hit him, it wasn’t much considering it was made up of his own energy. Kusakabe points out that Sukuna now without Mahoraga & slow healing won’t be able to use Domain Amplification. 

He also adds that Gojo got back his RCT output from the Black Flashes and we see Gojo healing his bunrt face quickly as the narrator announces GOJO WINS THE BATTLE OF STRONGEST!!!

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