Kiseki: Dear to Me Episode 4: Release Date & Preview

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Kiseki: Dear to Me Episode 4 is going to drop on 5th September 2023. After three incredible episodes, everyone is on the tip of their seats and wondering what will happen next. Fan Ze Rui and Bai Zong Yi are the focus of the show, which is set in Taiwan and provides the ideal setting for this emotional rollercoaster.

What distinguishes this Boys’ Love drama from others? Everything revolves around the innocent, tender love that develops between two individuals before life begins to turn everything upside down. Although fate enjoys fooling around, it also has a talent for reuniting soulmates.

We are watching their incredible reunion and their unwavering will to overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way in this rollercoaster of a narrative. We start with Bai Zong Yi, a sharp aleck who aspires to be a well-known doctor. Fan Ze Rui is a renowned criminal, and destiny has other plans for him, pushing him into his chaotic world and upending both of their lives.

The main themes of “Kiseki: Dear Me” are love, devotion, and the constant search for that love despite the obstacles that stand in their way. Get ready for an exciting roller coaster ride. With each episode, you will want more. Check our earlier post on Episode 4 of “Kiseki: Dear to Me” if you missed anything or simply want a reminder. Thanks for watching!

Kiseki: Dear to Me Episode Recap

It is wise to go back and review episode 3’s story arc before diving into the release date of episode 4. What happened in this crucial episode? The third episode of the Taiwanese drama featured an engrossing buildup of tension and the emergence of a between Fan Ze Rui and Bai Zong Yi, the show’s two main characters.

Fan Ze Rui and Bai Zong Yi’s lives were filled with sunshine and rainbows until suddenly, BAM! Problems arrived at their door. Here’s when things start to get interesting. This unanticipated glitch turns out to be a true make-or-break situation for them. Fan Ze Rui, who is spotless when it comes to dirty business, is actually on his knees pleading with a mobster to save Bai Zong Yi’s life.

While this gangster was quietly going about his business, Bai Zong Yi suddenly felt the pressure. For what? The reason is that the Mafia Fan Ze Rui sees bad news and wants Bai Zong Yi to stay away from them. What a “stay away from my friend” warning. So here it is: Fan Ze Rui must make a painful choice between the safety of his loved ones and the chaos on the streets.

Will their relationship stand up to this crucial test? Will they be able to defeat this enemy and save their little haven of love? Will they accept the challenge and profess their eternal love? The drama’s trailer is mentioned. Those who haven’t started watching this drama yet may get a glimpse of the characters and the plot by watching the trailer below: 

Kiseki: Dear to Me Episode 4 Release Date

Grab your calendars, BL fans. This is the day you’ve all been looking forward to! On September 5, 2023, at exactly 9:00 PM, Episode 4 of “Kiseki: Dear to Me” will hit your screens. Let’s now discuss the key reasons why you must not miss this opportunity. These 30-minute Taiwanese dramas, which are shown every Tuesday like clockwork, hold their fans in a vise-like grasp.

Kiseki Dear to Me
Kiseki: Dear to Me 2 (Credits: GTV)

Where to Watch Kiseki: Dear to Me Episode 4

This unique production is owned exclusively by GTV, which acts as your home network. While waiting for the premiere of the latest episode, viewers almost sit in front of the screens. But wait, pleasure is always welcome, even when you’re not in their territory.

In some countries, you can watch “Kiseki: Dear to Me” on popular websites, including iQIYI, WeTV, and Viki. Also, they are equipped with subtitles so that everyone can have an exciting viewing experience. Now, let’s get to the next episode you’ve been waiting for. However, take in mind that the precise release time may vary depending on your location:

  • India- 6:30 PM Indian Standard Time (5 September 2023)
  • Pakistan- 6:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time (5 September 2023)
  • China- 9:00 PM China Standard Time (5 September 2023)
  • UK- 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (5 September 2023)
  • Japan- 10:00 PM Japan Standard Time (5 September 2023)

The big question when preparing for the new episode is: Will love conquer everything, or are they facing really big challenges? Get ready for the next episodes of this great adventure. It’s going to be a crazy journey!

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