Know 7 Symptoms of High Cholesterol to Watch Out for Read Now

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High cholesterol is caused by various factors, such as obesity, eating foods high in saturated fat, and rarely exercising. Know the 7 symptoms of cholesterol that need to be watched out for so that it can be handled properly.

Most cases of cholesterol are not realized by sufferers, because they are not characterized by significant symptoms. Therefore, so that the symptoms of high cholesterol can be detected, it is important to check cholesterol regularly to the doctor. Then, what are the 7 symptoms of cholesterol to watch out for? Here’s more information.

Know the 7 Symptoms of High Cholesterol to Avoid Complications

Here are 7 symptoms of high cholesterol that are rarely recognized, but you need to be aware of:

1. Get tired quickly

High cholesterol levels run the risk of blocking blood flow with sufficient oxygen levels. In addition, other organs of the body are forced to work hard in the metabolic process. As a result, the body becomes tired easily and is not optimal in carrying out daily activities.

2. Leg muscles tire easily

Leg muscles that tire easily need to be watched out for as a symptom of high cholesterol. This condition is caused by cholesterol levels that block the blood flow that the body needs, causing the leg muscles to become weak.

3. Pain in the chest

The next symptom of high cholesterol is chest pain. This is because high cholesterol levels will accumulate in the arteries. This condition causes the heart to not receive blood flow with sufficient oxygen, causing chest pain.

4. Feet and hands tingling

Excess cholesterol levels also cause narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the feet, so that the leg area cannot receive enough blood flow and causes pins and needles. In addition, this condition causes the legs and arms to become weak and wounds that are difficult to heal in that area.

5. Pain in the jaw

Pain in the jaw also needs to be watched out for as a symptom of high cholesterol. This is caused by a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries, causing pain in the jaw area. If you experience these symptoms, immediately go to the doctor to determine the cause, so that proper treatment is given.

6. Xanthoma

High cholesterol levels trigger the growth of fat in the area under your skin. This condition can occur in any area of ​​the body, but generally appears in the elbow and knee joints. In addition, xanthomas can appear on the hands, feet and buttocks.

7. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is another cholesterol symptom to watch out for. High cholesterol levels that accumulate form plaque in the arteries, thus blocking blood flow, including to the penis area. This causes erectile disorders in men.

If you experience the symptoms above, you should consult a doctor to examine the cause. If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, the doctor will provide treatment according to your condition, for example recommending a healthy lifestyle to lower your cholesterol level by increasing consumption of high-fiber foods, reducing high-cholesterol foods, exercising regularly, maintaining ideal body weight, and managing stress by appropriate. Doctors also recommend drugs to reduce the symptoms of high cholesterol above. In addition, you are advised not to smoke and limit alcohol.

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