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Stress can attack anyone, including teenagers. However, unlike adults, teenagers often do not understand what stress is. In addition, the characteristics of stress in adolescents are not the same as adults. Then, how to deal with stress in teenagers that are effective?

Quick handling of stress in adolescents is important to prevent dangerous complications, for example anxiety disorders and depression. How to deal with stress in teenagers? Check out the full information in this article.

Causes of Stress in Teenagers

The various activities that teenagers engage in can trigger excessive stress, for example daily life at home, schoolwork, or activities outside of school. Stress will get worse if teenagers experience it bullying or pressure from friends around him.

In addition, body changes that are increasingly mature can trigger stress in adolescents and affect the way they think. If left without proper handling, thoughts that tend to be negative then form and cause stress.

How to Deal With Stress in Teens Effectively

Stress is unavoidable, but parents can help relieve stress in teenagers with various efforts, such as:

1. Knowing the child is exposed to stress

The first attempt to relieve stress in adolescents is to monitor changes in their attitudes. If there are signs of stress, provide support and love to the child to speed up his recovery. That way, children can get enthusiasm and motivation to rise from pressure.

2. Identify the causes of stress

The next effort to relieve stress is to identify the main triggers of stress in adolescents. Therefore, encourage children to write down all the things that stress or burden them. Stress in adolescents can be triggered by too many activities that teenagers carry out.

3. Deal with stress

After identifying the triggers, help your child get out of stress by finding ways to deal with it. Stress triggers are divided into 2 types, which can be changed and cannot be changed. You can consult with your child to deal with stressors that cannot be changed. In essence, the contribution of parents is needed for the success of dealing with stress in adolescents.

4. Implement a healthy lifestyle

Encouraging teens to live healthily is the key to alleviating stress. Here are the habits that need to be instilled in teenagers:

  • Meet nutritional needs

Fulfilling important nutritional needs so that teenagers are energized and focused, so that they are motivated to carry out activities.

  • Give children time to relax

Providing time to relax, including before going to bed, is effective for relaxing a teenager’s body. For example, relaxing muscles or listening to calm music.

  • Enough sleep

Make sure your teen gets enough sleep at night, i.e. 8-10 hours. Adequate sleep time is useful for increasing children’s energy and alertness, so it is effective in relieving excess stress.

  • physical activity.

Encourage teenagers to exercise regularly or be physically active. Besides being good for health, exercise can counteract stress hormones, so the body is more relaxed.

  • Journal writing

To relieve stress, encourage children to express themselves by writing a journal. This method is effective in reducing anxiety and helping adolescents to build awareness.

That’s an explanation of stress management in adolescents that can be applied by parents. It is important to ascertain the characteristics of stress in adolescents, so that appropriate treatment is applied to their conditions and needs.

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