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Main difference serum and ampoule is the formulation consistency. Serum has a lighter consistency formulation in comparison ampoule. Want to know more about the differences between serum and ampoule, see the following discussion.

To help you get optimal skin care, here is complete information on the differences serum and ampoule what you need to know.

Difference between Serum and Ampoule that you need to know

Even though they both have concentrated formulas for certain skin types, the concentration of active ingredients ampoule higher and usually come in smaller packages. What is the difference serum and ampoule other? Here’s more information:

1. Serum is only used topically (topical), ampoule It can be used topically and for injection.

Serum has ingredients and benefits that are safe to use every day topically (topical), meanwhile ampoule used for skin conditions that require special treatment, for example skin that looks duller than usual.

Use ampoule applied every day (topical) can help speed up the effectiveness of a product. In addition to being smeared (topical), ampoule generally administered in an injection technique by doctors in aesthetic clinics.

2. Ampoule more concentrated than serum

Serum usually more concentrated on the active ingredients, for example emollient gels that contain heavy ingredients. These ingredients function to treat various skin problems, such as wrinkles, dull skin, and dark spots. Serum also has a thicker texture in comparison essence.

Whereas, ampoule is version serum which are more concentrated, namely the active ingredients used are less, but the concentration is higher than serum, so they are more effective in dealing with facial skin problems in a short time.

Asconex Ampoule, Your Professional Vitamin C Dermal Solution

The miracle of vitamin C for facial skin is now available through Asconex Ampoule. Asconex Ampoule helps you shape your face glowing and youthful. Asconex Ampoule is all-in-one ampoule containing vitamin C, Idebenone (Synthetic Coenzyme Q10), functional growth factor, biomimetic peptides, glutathioneB complex vitamins, minerals, and some amino acids.

Asconex Ampoule functions as anti-oxidant, dermal vitamin C therapyincreases the production of collagen and has a tightening effect on the skin (tightening). In addition, Asconex Ampoule also has the effect of brightening the skin, regenerating skin cells, and strengthening skin barrier. Asconex Ampoule can be used in clinics with injection techniques (mesotherapy/skin booster) by aesthetic doctors and can be used for home treatment (maintenance) at home by applying Asconex Ampoule in the morning and at night.

Consult your doctor before using Asconex Ampoule products. Asconex Ampoule is available at your favorite beauty clinics.

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