Koby From One Piece: A Comparison Over the Years

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Koby from One Piece is one of the most popular characters of the series, and considering that he is indeed listed as popular is an honor among the thousand characters that are mentioned in this gigantic series in more than two decades.

Even though Koby isn’t one of the central characters of the series, he is surely a character that we are going to be looking forward to the series again and again, and his appearance is always a delight. One of the amazing reasons that fans of the series have given Koby an amazing place in the series is due to the different narratives that this character brings with him.

In a world where everything revolves around the pirates, it is a refreshment to see a perspective from a different side in this story that is also a good narrative from a mere Marine soldier that is going to reflect a much upon the story.

We could essentially say that his character is easily at the level of Garp now, and since we are seeing that he is training under him, Koby will be rising to the occasion much later in the series with a bigger role than most of the characters in the final arcs of the series.

One of the other reasons that this character has suddenly taken the interest of the viewers is due to the amazing live-action adaptation of the series by Netflix and since the series had given a pretty important role to the character and arguably even more screen time than Sanji or even Usopp, his journey, and appearance has made an impact on the viewers. 

So, with this post, we are here to give you a quick comparison of the character of Koby at the start of the series and how he is now. That said, here we bring you the latest and amazing content on the gigantic One Piece series by Eiichiro Oda.

Koby From One Piece: Before And After

Koby was introduced to the series at the very stages in the romance dawn mini-arc where he was only a chore boy at the Alvida pirates led by Captain Alivda. While it is a known fact, Koby was indeed introduced in the series even before Zoro.

Koby From One Piece Before And After - Comparison
Koby and Helmeppo (Credits: Toei Animation)

The character’s first appearance in the manga and the anime seems like a child that is only 6-7 years old; however, Koby is indeed 16 years old and only a year younger than Luffy. Luffy was the one who saved Koby from Captain Alvida’s trap and even inspired him to follow his dreams, much like how Luffy has inspired everyone who was involved with him.

While we are off the note, the One Piece Live Action also displays this importance in a very significant way. Early readers and viewers of the series would presume that Koby would be tagging along with Luffy and might even become his first mate. However, Koby has a dream of his own, and that is becoming a Marine to help people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Thus, what followed was indeed a work of art, and it was represented amazingly in the manga and the anime.

Koby After The Time Skip

Soon after Koby departed parts with Luffy, he became a Marine soldier under Garp, who also took Helmeppo and began their training. The major difference in the appearance of Koby was seen when he came to greet Luffy and the straw hat pirates alongside Garp and Helmeppo at the post-Enies Lobby arc at Water Seven.

Koby had grown taller and stronger in just a short span of training under Garp. During the time skip, Koby becomes a Hero when involved in the Rocky Port Incident, where he presumably helped the residents.

Koby After The Time Skip - Hero Marine
Koby After Time Skip (Credits: Toei Animation)

After the Warlords were demolished, Koby attempted to arrest Boa Hancock; however, it was a failure, and he even got kidnapped by the Black Pirates. In the recent chapters of the One Piece Manga, Koby was helped by his fellow members of the SWORDS unit and his mentor, Monkey D Garp, during which Koby even demonstrated the results of his training with Garp for more than two years.

Koby is a promising character in this gigantic. With the latest events regarding this character and its portrayal in One Piece Live Action, the character will be even more incredible.

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