Love Bombing is an Unhealthy Relationship, Recognize the Signs Read Now

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Building romance in a relationship can make you feel loved and valued by your partner. However, if the attention given by your partner is excessive and makes you anxious and stressed, it could be a sign love bombing.

Love bombing can be in the form of activities carried out by partners in the form of unnatural affection, attention, and awe. This action aims to manipulate the relationship you live in. In order to avoid this unhealthy relationship, recognize the signs love bombing following.

Signs of Love Bombing

Love bombing not only provide unreasonable affection, attention, and awe, but control your attitude or actions. Even, love bombing can keep you isolated from family and friends. There are signs of love bombing that you can recognize, for example, if there is a problem, your partner will apologize over and over again and give you things you like, so that they can attract attention, even make you feel guilty for the attitude shown.

Love bombing makes you trapped in unhealthy relationships and causes mental disorders, such as stress and depression. Therefore, in order to avoid love bombinghere are the signs to watch out for:

1. Given a lot of gifts

Giving gifts to your partner is a natural romantic gesture. However, if you are given gifts by your partner constantly, for example things you like or vacation tickets, you can watch out for them as love bombing. This action makes your partner unable to accept rejection, so you must accept the gift that is given. This aims to manipulate you into feeling in debt, making it easier for your partner to control your life. This action also signifies a person’s narcissistic nature to attract the attention of others.

2. Calling or sending short messages without stopping

Constantly calling and texting to find out what you’re doing in detail is a sign love bombing what to watch out for. In effect, you will feel stalked, causing stress and anxiety.

3. Do not want to share attention

Sign love bombing another is that your partner will get angry easily if you do things that don’t involve him or her. This action is in the form of being unpleasant when you call friends or family when you are around him. He may even forbid you from visiting family or hanging out with friends.

4. Don’t like being restricted

A healthy relationship respects boundaries that are agreed upon by both parties. It aims to create a private space or privacy between you and your partner. However, that pair lovebomber will not respect mutually agreed boundaries and personal space. This is so that he can control and manipulate, so that you and your partner have no boundaries at all.

If you are inside love bombing and causes you to feel sad, afraid, anxious, stressed, even depressed continuously, immediately consult a trusted psychologist or therapist. That way, you can get the medical treatment or therapy needed to restore your mental health.

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