Love Island USA Season 5 Ending Explained: Who Won The Show?

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Love Island USA Season 5 is finally here, and we have got our winning couples. A lot of things happened in this finale episode: all four of the couples went on their final dates, they had their final speeches, and the winning couple was announced,

Listen, don’t be fooled by the scruff. People on the internet were saying, “Oh, Bergie looks a little bit good these days with the beard.” But Bergie, being Bergie, plans on shaving it off. I have to agree that it actually does suit him better than the bare face.

I think it adds some maturity to him. It kind of counteracts his behavior. He seems very juvenile sometimes in how he acts. But if he looks grown, it’s kind of like, “OK, maybe he has a boyish charm.”

Bergie, earlier in the show, had a friend date with Hannah. I thought it was cute, and it was kind of like a full-circle moment. The first night he met Hannah, last night they were leaving us best friends, so it was cute.

Love Island USA Season 5 Recap

Bergie’s date with Taylor was a date in the treehouse. I mean, the candles elevated a little bit, but it was a day in a treehouse. So Bergie says that he started writing letters because his mom would write letters, and she has since passed, and he has carried on the tradition.

Now, here’s my thing: I thought that it was cute, but I wish that he had deliberately written a letter for Taylor instead of “I write letters in general, and I’ve been writing letters for my future girlfriend.”

Love Island USA Season 5 Finale
Bergie on his final date with Taylor (Credits: CBS)

So basically, it would have been “Dear, insert name here.” It kind of loses the romance, according to me. I would want somebody to write me a letter that includes our story, Including my personality, instead of “These are all the things that I want, and here I dedicate it to you.” I don’t know; maybe I’m being a hater, but I would have liked it to be a little bit more personal.

Bergie then asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Grandpa Bergs, you gonna have to hop on the train, honey, because it is going full steam ahead.

Hanna And Marco’s Date

Then, the last state was between Hannah and Marco. I literally got chills looking at the stairs. It was giving Jungle Fever, and that’s a double entendre. But it was really giving like Jungle Fever, but like romantic. Listen, they dress up the date really well, and Marco has become really emotionally expressive throughout this process.

So, while talking to Hannah, Bergie says that when he asked her why she loved him, her first answer was that he had a big heart. Then he tells her that he would continue on with sharing a piece of his heart, and then he asks to be his girlfriend, and she says yes.

Marco shares that because he did lose his mom basically suddenly, he was always looking for a girl who had a strong family structure, and he yearned for motherly advice. So, he’s excited to be a part of Hannah’s family. He wants to introduce her to his family, and they’re very excited about this whole like how we’re gonna integrate our lives together.

Love Island USA Season 5 Ending Explained
Hannah and Marco’s final date (Credits: CBS)

Production really did a number on me. Editing is so great because if you had told me this is how Marco would have ended the season, I would have called you a liar. I would have called you a liar, and I wouldn’t have ever believed it. But the turnaround of Marco was just insane.

But then the next day, they’re doing the whole dress shopping, cutesy, cutesy thing. And then the writing of the speeches. Why did Marco say, “Are you guys making your letters sexual at all?” And he also wanted to throw in the part about his farts and how she’s just gonna have to be OK with it because they’re a package deal.

Every time you get me, Marco, you set me back, But it’s OK. I’m not gonna lie to you; I’m just gonna talk about the outfits, and then we’re gonna skip the speeches. Because the speeches are things that we’ve already heard of, like there was nothing new besides Marco did cry.

The Finale Outfits

So, on to the outfits, I felt as if they put a little bit more effort into the guys. Typically, they just have black suits, but this time, they added some color and texture. I liked the color of Kassy’s dress, That powder blue, Beautiful. Taylor’s dress was giving prom, but it was cute, and it wasn’t, like, tacky or anything.

My least favorite was Carmen’s dress, and I did not like it at all. Kenzo liked it, though, because he was like, “That’s gonna be my wife.” I mean, I wish you all the best, but, like, laying it on pretty thick here.

Then Hannah was my personal favorite, but I think I’m very biased because I love what yellow looks like on melanated skin. It never fails. Don’t let these people tell you that black people can’t wear color or people who look color can’t wear color. Like I said, we’re gonna skip the speeches and get on to the results.

Love Island USA Season 5 Ending
Carmen and Kenzo (Credits: CBS)

Love Island USA Season 5 Finale Results

Fourth place and it’s probably because of the allegations, was Carmen and Kenzo. So after coming fourth place, Kenzo said that he was really happy where he was and that he was excited to go home with Carmen. Then Carmen said that she felt good and she got what she came for and that she didn’t need to win.

Listen, they’re all about not wanting to win, and they’re happy that they found what they came for. I feel like a little bit of Carmen is a little bit salty. She, like me, loves reality TV and imagines going on a show and winning.

I mean, everybody wants to win, but I feel like Carmen, specifically, it would have meant a lot to her. Like her and maybe Kassy, they love TV like me, and I could tell. But it’s OK. Carmen took it gracefully, and so did Kenzo.

Third place was Taylor and Bergie. Now, there might be a few reasons why Bergie wasn’t in the top two. Grandpa didn’t help; his skepticism of Taylor in the last episode did not help, and I think the people who were really championing Bergie the most would have wanted a quintessential American couple. And as much as America is like a melting pot, I don’t think the vision for Bergie was “Bergie and Taylor.”

See, I’m not saying that the general American public does not like seeing people of color win the show, no. But in Bergie’s position specifically, I think they wanted an all-American couple. That’s just my personal hypothesis, and y’all can think differently. But they like it, so y’all gotta love it.

The Winner Of The Love Island USA Season 5

I feel like there was only one option for first place, but it could have been really close there because a lot of people have been liking Kassy and Leo these last few Episodes. But the winner was Hannah Marco.

I gotta give it to them, they’ve really had quite the journey, they grew a lot. There were parts there where I started to side with Hannah a little bit. But you know what? Like being in a secluded place 24/7, all you have to do is just talk about each other.

So some people might say like, “Oh, she was being a little bit of a bitch”. Some other people are like they have nothing else to do but talk about each other. And, so, I’m not gonna follow her too much on that.

Marco has obviously done a big character development. Even his conversation with the other Hannah, his Hannah from home, kind of showed the growth that he’s gone through on the show. So yeah, I’m not surprised that they won. I’m very content with this outcome, honestly. And then they did the whole split prize. Obviously, they split the money.

Because of how the show was structured and because of how they feel the pressure to be official couples at the end of it, would anyone ever steal? Truly, you have to be a menace from the moment you walk into the village to the moment you walk out to really steal the money at the end. So yeah, I don’t know if they should keep that or they should dump that, but it is what it is.

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