Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67: Release Date & Spoilers

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Are you excited about the upcoming chapter 67 of Majo-Senpai Nichijou? Finally, the most hyped chapter 67 of Majo-Senpai Nichijou gets an official release date. It will soon be available for everyone to read. This time, we’ll see our two main characters, Misono and Shizuka, who are coming to close by each passing day.

As we learned in Chapter 1, Shizuka is a witch. Therefore, her bond with Misono is special. It’s one of the reasons why the manga is so popular with teens. Not to mention, it is one of the best slice-of-life manga series.

Misono and Shizuka were enjoying their morning breakfast meal. Misono looked sad as he saw Shizuka consuming the usual things for breakfast. He says, “That’s all you’re having for breakfast.” She replies, “Huh! Ah.”

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We know our boy was only worried about Shizuka as she hadn’t had a proper meal for some time. Finally, he went to the convenience store and bought something Shizuka that she could eat a lot and not have to worry about. Our boy Misono discovered why Shizuka wasn’t eating enough because she had recently gained some weight. Therefore, Misono suggests she do some exercise in order to manage the weight gain.

And if you are wondering when the next chapter of the manga series, Majo-Senpai Nichijou, will be released — do not worry!! In this article, we will talk about the release date of Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 42. And along with spoilers and where you can read it.

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Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 66 Recap

While having breakfast with Shizuka, Misono notices that Shizuka is eating usual food again. Misono says, “That’s all you’re having for breakfast?” You can clearly see in the eyes of Misono that he was not happy with Shizuka’s eating habits. Misono cares about Shizuka more than himself. And therefore, he believes she must eat lots of healthy food. But Shizuka has been like this for some time now.

In the next panel, we see Misono bring some good stuff from the convenience store. She can eat a lot now and not have to worry. He further says, “I joined the basketball club to stay in shape myself, exercise really is the best way.” He indirectly suggests she do some exercise to keep himself in shape.

But she clearly doesn’t get Misono and says, “What do?” He replies, “Starvation diets are not good for you.” To comfort her, he says, “I’ve gained weight… You can’t tell at all, though.”

Misono only worried about Shizuka. And therefore, she must eat enough food and no need to worry about gaining weight. He says, “So promise me you won’t push yourself too hard.” Shizuka finally replies, Exercise it is! I may not like it, but I’ll try my hardest!”

In the next panel, we see Misomo and Shizuka running in the garden. He says, “Sepai, we’ll take a break once we get over there.” Shizuka looks exhausted after running for a while. Misono suggests she take a break while Shizuka says, “Sorry.”

As we all know, Shizuka is a witch from Chapter 1 — therefore, she is not good at running as she uses a broom to ride. Misono says, “Should we stop here for today?” He does not intend to push her hard. Shizuka replies, “If I give up now, I feel like I’ll never get anywhere.” Shizuka says, “I want to look as pretty as I can for you.” Misono replies, “That makes me incredibly happy.”

A time skip of a few weeks happens, where we see Shizuka and Misono enjoying their meal. But this time, the sparks in Shizuka’s eyes are enough to tell the whole story of a few weeks. She finally reached her fitness goal, and therefore, she was enjoying her meal. She actually enjoys doing things she hates with Misono. The bond between them gets stronger and closer with each passing day.

Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67 Spoilers

Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67, we will see the fun-loving conversation between Misono and Shizuka. Shizuka was happy to reach her fitness goal, while Misono had something in mind to celebrate her achievement.

Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67 Release Date

Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The official release time of the chapter is not available.

Where to Read Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67 Online?

You can read Majo-Senpai Nichijou Chapter 67 on Mangacross in the raw format (Korean Language).

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