Meta for Competing with Google and Apple App Stores Using Facebook Ads

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Facebook Meta’s parent company is reportedly planning to allow users in the European Union to download the app directly via Facebook ads. This move is seen as a strategic move to compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. The new ad type will start as a pilot with some Android app developers as soon as later this year, according to The Verges.

First Android, then iOS

Company decisions are taken after The Digital Markets Act (DMA) recently passed in the EU. The DMA, which is expected to take effect next spring, considers Apple and Google to be “gatekeepers” and requires them to open up their mobile platforms to alternative methods of app download. Meta saw this as an opportunity to test its new ad type first on Android rather than Apple’s iOS.

“We’ve always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps, and the new options will add even more competition to this space. Developers deserve more ways to easily get their apps to the people who want them,” said Tom Channick, a spokesperson for Meta, confirming the plans in an emailed statement to The Verge.

Direct App Download via Facebook

The Meta promotion to developers participating in the trial was that hosting their Android app and letting Facebook users download it directly without being redirected to the Play Store would increase the conversion rate for their app install ad. Additionally, Meta has no plans to cut in-app revenue from participating apps, at least initially, allowing developers to use their preferred billing system.

If successful, this move has the potential to disrupt the current duopoly of the app store market in the region. Meta isn’t the only one looking to become a mobile app distributor while the EU DMA is in effect. Microsoft has also expressed interest in launching alternative app stores for games on iOS and Android in Europe next year.


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