Microsoft Changes Windows 11 Settings for Easier Access and Management

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Microsoft updated the Settings app in Windows 11 with a new homepage designed to make it easier for users to access and view the most important settings. Microsoft added three new cards to change the Settings app interface. Changes are currently available in preview for Windows Insiders (Build 23492).

The Windows Settings app is a built-in app that lets you customize and configure various aspects of your Windows 10 or Windows 11 system. You can use the Settings app to change personalization options, manage accounts, update systems, troubleshoot and more. The Settings app is designed to be easy to use and navigate, with a simple and intuitive interface.

New Interface Elements for the Windows 11 Settings App

“Recommended setting: These cards adapt to your particular usage patterns, providing timely and relevant regulatory options. It is designed to streamline your settings management and save you time. Cloud storage: Gives you an overview of your cloud storage usage and alerts you when it’s almost at capacity. Account recovery: Help keep your Microsoft account more secure by helping you add additional recovery info so you’re never locked out of your account, even if you forget your password. personalization: Make customization a priority by offering one-click access to update your background theme or change your color mode. Microsoft 365: Gives a quick overview of your subscription status and benefits, along with the ability to take some important actions right in Settings instead of on the web. Xbox: Similar to Microsoft 365 cards, you can view subscription status and manage subscriptions from the Settings app. Bluetooth device: To simplify your Bluetooth device management experience, we have put this forward so you can quickly access and connect to your favorite Bluetooth enabled devices.”

In addition to these new features, the updated Settings homepage also features a sleeker design that makes it easier for you to find the setting you’re looking for. Home is also more adaptive, meaning it will change based on your usage patterns.

For example, if you change the background theme frequently, the personalized card will stand out more on the homepage. The updated Settings Home is currently available on the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel. It is expected to roll out to the general public in a future update.


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