Mouse Left Click Not Working – How To Troubleshoot & Fix

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Mouse Left Click Not Working – How To Troubleshoot & Fix

The left button on your mouse is definitely something you can’t do without. It controls most of your computer activity operations, therefore it may start malfunctioning earlier than the rest of your mouse. In those cases, most people throw away the entire peripheral when it stops working and don’t bother repairing it.

However, if your mouse is expensive, you may want to salvage it. Luckily, depending on the problem, you just might be able to do that.

Try Connecting Another Mouse

Before you try other mouse hardware or software problem solutions, you should try unplugging your mouse (unless you’re using a wireless one) and plugging it back in or plugging in a different mouse. If the problem persists then the problem is related to your PC. If the other mouse works, your old mouse is broken.

Do Hard Reset

The cursor may not appear on the screen due to random computer errors. A simple way to solve this is a hard reset. Hard reset refers to unplugging your computer from the wall outlet and unplugging it from power.

But resetting your computer in general is not recommended as it can cause more harm than good if done too frequently. If you have not saved or backed up your progress, this may also result in data loss. Also, it is not guaranteed to solve the broken mouse problem.

Run the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

Running the hardware troubleshooter is not a good solution as it is a problem detection method. If the previous two solutions didn’t work, but you still think it’s a hardware problem, Windows can help you solve it with this handy option.

To run the Windows hardware troubleshooter, do the following:

Press the Windows key and “R”.
Type “msdt.exe-id DeviceDiagnostic” into the “Run” window.
Press “Enter” on the keyboard.
Press the “Tab” key on the keyboard to navigate to “Next.”
Press “Enter” again to have the troubleshooter diagnose.

Once the results are ready, you can determine the potential cause of your mouse problem.

Check your User Profile

If the problem is software related, the first potential problem is a corrupted user profile. The good news is that this problem is related to one user profile and not connected to your other devices.

You can solve this problem by creating a new user profile on your PC. Here’s how:

Open the start menu by clicking the “Windows” button.
Navigate to the gear icon.
Notes: You can open most options by clicking the “Tab” key on your keyboard or right-clicking, “Open” and then selecting by right-clicking unless right-clicking offers other options.
Select “Account.”
Go to “Family & other users.”
Press “Add another person to this PC.”
Enter the new account name and other details as requested.

Perform a Clean Boot

Sometimes, one computer service can use resources that another service needs, in this case, what your mouse needs. Performing a clean boot will prevent these background services from interfering with your mouse’s functionality and improve its left-click feature.

Here’s how to perform a clean boot in Windows:

Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys.
Type “msconfig”.
Press “Enter”.
Go to the “Services” tab in the “System Configuration” window.
Check the box next to “Hide all Microsoft services.”
Press “Deactivate all”.
Select “OK.”
Reboot your computer then check if left click is working.

Update Your Mouse Drivers

Keeping your technology up to date is essential if you want to maximize its performance and enjoy all its features to the fullest. Therefore, out of date mouse drivers can be the reason for your left click problem.

Here’s how to update your mouse driver:

Press the “Windows” and “X” keys on your keyboard.
Open “Device Manager”.
Navigate to “Mice and other pointing devices” with the keyboard arrows.
Press “Enter.”
Choose your mouse.
Press “Enter” to open Properties.
Navigate to the “Driver” tab.
Press “Update Driver.”
Select “Search for drivers automatically.”
Follow the prompted steps to complete the rest.

Enable Click Lock

If the only problem with your mouse is the drag-and-drop feature, that’s another problem that can be solved by temporarily enabling the Click Lock setting. This allows you to drag and drop or select multiple items without holding the mouse button down during the action.

Here’s how to enable Click Lock in Windows:

Press the “Windows” key to open the start menu.
Navigate to “Control panel”.
Open “Devices and Printers..”
Select “Mouse”.
Check the box next to “Enable Click Lock”.
Press “OK.”

If the setting is enabled, it can solve the left click problem.

Clean Your Mouse

Like most appliances, your mouse can accumulate dust particles in its crevices over time, no matter how clean you keep your desk environment. Dust can restrict left-click button movement and stop circuit boards from detecting its movement. It can also significantly affect the performance of your mouse, so it should be cleaned regularly.

There are hundreds of different mouse models today, which means there are many ways to clean them. Your best bet is to take it to the manufacturer if your mouse is under warranty. Otherwise, here’s how to do it yourself:

Carefully remove any bits holding the screws to gain access to the inside of the mouse. Use alcohol-based wipes to clean the exterior. Use cotton swabs and a microfiber cloth to clean accessible internal components. Use compressed air to remove dust from the affected areas. hard to reach.


How to fix my mouse right click not working

If your mouse right click isn’t working, you can fix it by following the same steps described above for left click.

How to fix wireless mouse not working

The first step to fixing an unresponsive wireless mouse is to check your internet connection, USB port, and battery. Then, check for mouse driver updates and install them, reinstall the original driver, reset the mouse, or disable fast startup.

How long does a computer mouse last?

On average, computer mice last between five and seven years. But in the end it depends on how often you use it and how you handle it.

Keep Clicking

Having an uncooperative mouse and cursor when you’re trying to work or relax with your computer can be frustrating. But it’s a problem that can be solved in many ways. It’s important to start troubleshooting with the simplest solution and move on to more complex solutions if the previous solution doesn’t work.

Have you tried fixing the left click button on your mouse? Let us know in the comments which solution worked for your mouse.

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