Move Over Darling Filming Locations: Where Was the Comedy Movie Filmed?

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Here are Move Over Darling Filming Locations. You could think of the 1963 movie “Move Over, Darling” as a remake. It was first released as “Something’s Got to Give” in 1962, starring Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin.

Michael Gordan is the director of the movie, and Hal Kanter and Jack Sher are the screenwriters for the movie. In the breezy screwball comedy “Move Over, Darling,” Doris Day and James Garner performed well. The narrative centers on Ellen Arden (Day) and Nicholas Arden (Garner), a happy married couple raising their two young daughters in Los Angeles.

When the plane they’re aboard crashes while flying over the South Pacific, their lives dramatically change. Tragically, Day’s body is never found, leaving everyone to assume that she died even though Garner survived the collision. Here’s how the comic situation develops: Upon her return to Los Angeles, Day is shocked to learn that her husband has gone to Monterey to spend time with his new wife, Bianca.

She accompanies him to Monterey, shocking Garner, who is astonished to discover his long-thought-dead wife still alive and healthy. This prepares Garner for a cute and endearing predicament. Now that he has two wives—one recently married and the other he hasn’t seen in five years—he must manage the tricky issue of having two spouses.

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Move Over Darling Filming Locations: Where Was the Comedy Movie Filmed?

The movie opens with Garner and Bergen traveling from Los Angeles to Monterey along the Pacific Coast Highway. They are en route to the made-up Monterey Inn hotel, where they will spend their honeymoon. Near the city of Oxnard, they pass the famous Mugu Rock along the road. Garner discovers that his first wife is still alive and plans to return to Los Angeles. Garner’s residence is in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood at Wyton Drive and S. Mapleton Drive.

Since “Move Over, Darling” was filmed, major changes have been made to the house that James Garner’s character called home. The mansion and its entrance can be seen in the movie from various angles. But now, where the little house once stood stands a massive mansion. This suggests that the movie’s imaginary house has probably been completely demolished. The same house from the movie wouldn’t be there if you visited there now.

Eventually, in the movie, Garner is interested in learning more about the identity of the man Day has been living on an island with for the past five years. The man is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which can be found at 9461 West Sunset Boulevard.

Day’s companion of the past five years has been staying at the hotel, so Garner investigates it and plans lunch with Day by the pool. Day bursts out of the Beverly Hills Hotel and speeds off like a maniac when she finds out why Garner brought her there. Garner follows her by running to the valet, boarding a taxi, and walking.

Move Over Darling Filming Location
Move Over Darling Filming Location (Credits: YouTube)

At Pico Boulevard and S. Beverly Glen Boulevard, they pass through a vehicle wash before passing through a car dealership in Santa Monica. Walgreens has since moved into the former auto business. The steeple of the Lighthouse Church is visible in the distance. The car chase scenes in the film were filmed at the Intersection of Elevado Ave and Foothill Road.

The outdoor driving scenes were filmed on California Highway 1, Mugu Rock, Ventura County, USA. The home of Ellen Wagstaff Arden has been filmed at 10300 Wyton Drive, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, and Wyton Drive, Beverly Hills.

In other scenes of the film, you will see Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows – 9641 Sunset Blvd., located at Beverly Hills. The Famous car wash scene has been shot at Crown Car Wash – 10399 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles. The USS Blackfin SS322 has been filmed at Long Beach Naval Station. Some of the scenes in the film have been shot at 20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, in the USA.

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