“Murim Login Chapter 170”

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In the upcoming chapter 170 of Murim Login, there’s going to be a huge fight between Cheon Poong and Jong Richu. Cheon Poong thought Jong Richu was his friend, but it turns out that Jong Richu was just pretending to be friendly.

Surprising Twist

Tae-Kyung Jin (MC) suspected something fishy about Jong Richu from the start. He even warned Cheon Poong to stay away from him. But Cheon Poong didn’t listen because he was happy to have a new friend. Now, it’s time to see who will win this battle in the next chapter.

(Credits: Kakao)

Release Date

If you’re wondering when chapter 170 of Murim Login will be released, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with all the details about the release date and some juicy spoilers.


In the fight, Cheon Poong doesn’t stand much of a chance. Jong Richu is not only stronger but also more skilled in battle. Cheon Poong is so bad at fighting in life-or-death situations that he panics at the sight of blood. Jong Richu mocks him for it and easily defeats him.

After Jong Richu’s victory, Tae-Kyung (MC) steps up to fight him. However, it won’t be an easy battle because Jong Richu is known as the sword saint and is incredibly tough to beat. Tae-Kyung almost loses but wins because of Jong Richu’s disqualification. They still don’t know he’s the sword saint because they thought he belonged to a demon faction.

Jong Richu’s Motive

(Credits: Kakao)

Jong Richu is Cheon Poong’s master, and he entered the tournament to teach Cheon Poong the importance of facing the fear of death. Cheon Poong had been too carefree and hadn’t experienced near-death situations. Tae-Kyung saves Cheon Poong after Jong Richu tries to scare him to death with his killing intent.

The Aftermath

Due to this terrifying experience, Cheon Poong becomes temporarily traumatized but eventually grows stronger. Then, the supreme monk dies, and Jong Richu is blamed for it, even though it was the demonic sect’s doing. The thousand-faced fox recognizes Jong Richu as an old friend and someone who has helped the sword sage saint.

Epic Showdown

Sword Sage (Jong Richu) and Tae-Kyung (MC) have an intense battle. Tae-Kyung uses all his skills and maxes out his stats. Sword Sage is impressed but still has the upper hand. During the fight, Sword Sage senses something and leaves to investigate. Everyone suspects he may be from the demonic sect. Fire King discovers the Monk, one of the Ten Kings and his old friend, dead.

Release Date Reminder

Don’t forget to mark your calendars because Murim Login Chapter 170 is set to be released on Sunday, September 24, 2023. Don’t miss the exciting continuation of this gripping story!

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