My Dearest Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Where to Watch

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My Dearest is one of the well-performing period dramas from South Korea that has won many hearts and is expected to keep performing well in the coming time. This periodic drama has loads to make one feel on the clouds.

The romance and thrill associated with it is just mesmerizing. The story of My Dearest revolves around a noblewoman and a mysterious man who meet in the woman’s hometown. The story is set in the 1600s, around the Qing invasion.

The woman named Yu Gil Chae is popular as the 99-tail fox of Neunggun-ri. Besides being popular, she is also envied by other ladies for the personality she owns. She is the apple of the eyes of many noblemen, while women straight up loathe her for her personality.

Even so, she has faced failure in making love for her. On the other hand,  Lee Jang Hyun is a mysterious man in the story who reaches Neunggun-ri at a social scene where he is unknown to everybody. On the contrary to Yu

My Dearest Episode 8 Recap

My Dearest episode 8 has been an episode indeed. The episode features how Gil Chae has been struggling her heart out to hide her feelings for Jang-Hyung while she also gives her best to stop him from leaving.

It is clear how badly she is in love with Jang Hyung. On the other hand, our male protagonists support her and help her to move on from Yeon-jun, while Gil Chae finds it difficult to do so.

My Dearest
My Dearest (Credits; MBC)

Later, she watches Jang-Hyun leave with the crown prince as he takes her heart with him, which she can’t help but lose to Jang-Hyun. On his journey, Jang-Hyun and his friends meet up with Yong Gal-dae as they reach Simyang. This episode was very successful in making the series more interesting as the fans got to witness the beginning of a cute love story they could and were waiting to root for.

My Dearest Episode 9 Preview

Based on the ending of episode 8 and its events, My Dearest episode 9 is expected to be a nail-biting episode indeed. We can expect the Jang gang to betray Jang-Hyun soon. While we have seen how Jang-Hyung keeps on trying to stop what the relationship has been, it is hard to say if he has feelings for Gil Chae.

In the preview, we see how Gil Chae goes through immense hardship and pain for the loss she is about to incur (probably). Moreover, the dreams of Jang Hyun is the only one who will keep her company. Her arc of helping her family grow financially is also expected to begin with episode 9.

Yan Jun might also repent his decision to keep king above all and face consequences for the ways and methods he has chosen. There is a mysterious union of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae in the episode, which will be interesting to watch.

With this, episode 9 is expected to conclude the series with its end, while season 2 might begin the nuances and core of the love story between Gil Chae and Jang Hyun that we all have been waiting for.

My Dearest Episode 9 Release Date

My dearest, episode 9 indeed is a much-awaited episode of the series, which will be featuring the final tease and beginning of the love story everyone has been waiting for. This episode holds high expectations and is subject to much more justifiable content than expected.

With this, My Dearest episode 9 is expected to be released by September 1, 2023, at 9:50 PM in South Korea. While the show is greatly popular in the international market as well, here is the release schedule of the show in various countries based on different time zones.

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 5:50 AM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (US): 7:50 AM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 8:50 AM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 12:50 PM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 6:20 PM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 8: 50 PM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 9:50 PM (Friday, September 1, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 10:20 PM (Friday, September 1, 2023)

Where To Watch My Dearest?

My Dearest is a dear show to many, which is why each episode of this show is awaited by many. Local viewers of the show can hence watch My Dearest on MBC, which is the broadcasting partner of the show on the local cable network.

On the other hand, international fans of the show can enjoy the series on Kocowa and Viki Rakuten easily with English subtitles as well.

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