My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Preview: The Shocking Discovery

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My Lovely Liar Episode 11 will be out in no time. The show has claimed the throne of number one position both in terms of viewership and winning hearts. Everything from the chemistry of Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun to the suspense about the murder is a work of art.

The recent episodes have brought even more twists with attacks on Do Ha, a body being found on the construction site, and Deuk Chan not being pleased with Sol Hee dating Do Ha. The turn of events is going to be an emotional rollercoaster with suspense overloaded. So, let’s try to catch up on the mini-series and find what episode 11 of My Lovely Liar holds.

My Lovely Liar Plot

The story is about Mok Sol Hee, a woman with the superpower to hear lies. However, it turns out more as a disadvantage as the ability has hindered her willingness to trust anyone. She thinks everyone is a liar until she meets Kim Do Ha, a successful music producer.

The charming man is mysterious because Sol Hee’s lie-detecting abilities do not work on him, or perhaps he does not lie. Kim Do Ha has been framed for a murder, and this secret is known to his close friend and head of J Entertainment, Deuk Chan. What will happen when Sol Hee discovers the dark reality and mysteries about Do Ha?

My Lovely Liar Episode 10 Recap

Before having a glance at the upcoming episode, let’s catch up with the summary of episode 10 of My Lovely Liar. The episode begins with Gang Min figuring out that Do Ha is the main suspect in the Hakcheon case. He tries to tell Sol Hee about it, but she does not reply to texts and calls.

When he visits her place, he finds Do Ha leaving suspiciously. Upon following him, he sees Eom Ji is trying to kill him. Gang Min makes a save in time, but Do Ha helps Eom Ho to escape. Gang Min warns Do Ha to keep Sol Hee happy and confesses that he still loves her. He wants Do Ha to keep the incident a secret, but the latter is determined to tell Sol Hee everything.

On his way back, Eom Ho recalls the childhood trauma his father gave to him and Eom Ji. He regrets suggesting she pursue Do Ha to live a better life. The next day, Do Ha tells about his encounter with Sol Hee, which leaves her worried.

When Gang Min meets Sol Hee to talk about his relationship with Do Ha, she makes it clear that she trusts her partner and will stand by his side. Meanwhile, Do Ha asks Deuk Chan to end his contract with the company.

My lovely liar
My Lovely Liar (Credits: tvN)

Coming back from the tarot cafe, Sol Hee meets Deuk Chan and questions him if he trusts Do Ha, and he agrees, but when he congratulates her on her relationship with Do Ha, he is not happy, and Sol Hee is able to detect his lie.

At Do Ha’s house, Sol Hee asks Do Ha if they are dating because he has not proposed yet, so she proposes to her instantly, and she accepts to be his girlfriend. For a few days, Do Ha spends helping Sol Hee at the festival, and they shower each other with love throughout. At the end of the episode, a body is found at a digging site.

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My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Preview

In the next episodes, Eom Ho will break down on finding that it is the remains of Eom Ji’s body that has been recovered. The evidence will hint more towards a murder, sweeping away the possibility of her committing suicide.

When Do Ha finds out that Eom Ji’s body has been found on the hilltop and not by the beach, it will be a shocker for him? J Entertainment will end its contract with Do Ha, and he will be in a tough spot again as people question him for murdering Eom Ji. Eom Ho will also lose his calm and will be seen stabbing someone, while Do Ha’s mother will be seen destroying some documents.

My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Spoilers

The episode is going to be full of suspense as now the murder suspects are Deuk Chan, his brother, Do Ha, and his mother. Everyone has their motives and benefits to kill Eom Ji. It might be possible that Deuk Chan is the mastermind who killed her to get his right to money and power.

Could Do Ha’s mother be involved too, who took the help of Deuk Chan or his brother? She has been scared throughout because of the murder. Perhaps she knows something and would not want to get caught.

The main question arising now is what if the series My Lovely Liar was named so because Do Ha is the murderer who forgot all the incidents because of his declining cognitive health, and now he has been trying to prove his innocence?

Another angle to the murder mystery is that the blood-covered shoes were left by the beach. Someone may have been trying to frame the murder/accident as a suicide to protect Do Ha.

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