My Lovely Liar Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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My Lovely Liar Episode 11 is dropping soon. Just as we were ready to figure everything out, the drama threw us a curveball. The mysteries were revealed in episode 10 of “My Lovely Liar,” which also included a fascinating display of emotions and plot turns. The watchers were always astounded and perplexed by the characters’ intricate webs of lies and truth.

From the opening scenes until the heart-pounding conclusion, this episode had us on the edge of our seats with its complicated narrative. Let’s look at the description of this compelling episode to discover the specifics that both perplexed and fascinated us.

Up to this point, in My Lovely Liar Episode 10, we have already seen how Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha work together to identify the murderer. Kim Do Ha is explicitly asked by Sol Hee whether he committed the murder. Do Ha replies no, but Sol Hee can determine that this is a lie.

Both she and Do Ha, who believes Sol Hee doesn’t trust her, are inconsolable. After several events, Sol Hee has also shown a tendency to rely more on her emotions and intuition than her superhuman talents. You may read our prior episode post, “My Lovely Liar,” Episode 10, in case you missed it or if you just need a reminder. 

My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Preview 

The Episode 11 previews have been released, and they are incredible! This episode is going to take us on yet another crazy rollercoaster, so brace yourselves. In the forthcoming episode of My Lovely Liar, the tension is increasing.

In the trailer, Gang-min (Seo Ji-hoon) is shown being prevented from capturing Eom-ho (Lee Won-jong) by Kim Do-ha (Hwang Min-hyun). For those who have not yet watched the series, there is also a trailer included for a sneak glimpse at the drama.

Eom-Ji’s bones were discovered on the mountain just as things were starting to seem promising for our lead pair. Eom-Ho may be seen sobbing excessively over his sister’s remains in the episode 11 trailer. This finding disproves the idea that Eom-Ji is still alive. When DoHa learns that she has been recovered on a hill rather than in the water, he can be observed to be frightened.

Either she had been brutally slain that evening and then callously buried on the hill, or she had been brought there alive and killed. In any case, it indicates that she hadn’t killed herself. Someone had brutally murdered her and left her corpse on that hill.

Will Do-ha be successful in defending himself? Or will he be compelled to confess? The future episode of My Lovely Liar will include the answers to these queries. Episode 11 will provide some much-needed closure and maybe even introduce a brand-new character. 

My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Spoilers

Let’s go back and discuss some of those surprising Episode 11 spoilers now. Warning: There will be significant spoilers if you haven’t watched the drama yet. In an unexpected turn of events, Deok-chan accuses Do-ha in front of every one of killing Eom Ji. This is a significant change since Deok-chan was previously thought to be a suspect. His recent actions, nevertheless, have been more enigmatic than usual, and it now seems obvious that he is the guilty one.

my lovely liar
My Lovely Liar (Credits: TVN)

When he praised So-hee on her connection with Do-ha in the previous episode, Deok-chan lied to her. This intriguing scenario suggests that deceit knows no bounds, and the character in question will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.

Additionally, it’s worth noting a curious detail – Eom Ji’s lifeless body was discovered with the very ring that Do-ha had tossed into the depths of the sea. While this may appear coincidental, one cannot dismiss the possibility that Deok-chan strategically placed the ring there to frame Do-ha.

As the narrative unfolds, Do-ha finds himself confronting his deepest fears once more. He stands accused of murder yet again, and this time, the evidence against him appears overwhelmingly compelling.

The path to redeeming his tarnished reputation remains shrouded in uncertainty, but one thing is certain – the protagonists of this gripping episode are destined to grapple with formidable challenges and a whirlwind of emotions.

My Lovely Liar Episode 11 Release Date:

My Lovely Liar Episode 11, will be released on 4th September 2023. Don’t miss a single second of the drama that is generating so much buzz. 

Where to watch My Lovely Liar Episode 11?

My Lovely Liar airs every week on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:50 PM KST. My Lovely Liar Episode 10 is available on the original network, tvN. There are website such as Rakuten Viki to watch it on devices. However, the drama’s premiere time may differ from country to region. Here are the timings for a few specific regions:

  • South Korea – 08:50 PM Korean Standard Time (4 September 2023)
  • India – 05:20 PM Indian Standard Time (4 September 2023)
  • Japan – 08:50 PM Japan Standard Time (4 September 2023)
  • Thailand – 06:50 PM Thailand Standard Time (4 September 2023)
  • USA – 07:50 AM Eastern Standard Time (4 September 2023)
  • UK – 12:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time (4 September 2023)
  • China – 07:50 PM China Standard Time (4 September 2023)

“My Lovely Liar” gets crazier with the episode! I can’t believe what occurred in the most recent one. This drama is full of hypotheses and spoilers, but we don’t want to spoil it for anybody else. So come back and talk to us when you’ve seen it! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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