Neeyat Ending Explained: Who Is The Real Mira?

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Neeyat is a new murder mystery from India, which is brimming with possibilities. The end twist is both farfetched and wicked in the best way, and the setup for a sequel is even more delicious.

Neeyat follows a billionaire, Ashish Kapoor, who invites his friends and family to his Scottish castle to celebrate his birthday. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine; the weather forecaster says Dark clouds are coming. The weather foreshadows more gruesome events.

The party ends with the birthday boy lying motionless on the rocks below. Each member of the house has a reason to bump off Ashish Kapoor. Through the long nights, CBI officer Mira Rao must find out who is guilty and who is innocent.

Neeyat Movie Plot

Well, Neeyat is a murder mystery in the Agatha Christie style. In fact, the story isn’t set in India at all. It is set in an isolated castle on the coast of Scotland, where this billionaire has invited his close friends, relatives, and business associates to take part in his birthday party.

Now, this billionaire is in trouble back home in India for financial shenanigans. Some of which led to the self-deletion of several company employees. There’s also taxpayer money he allegedly absconded with. So the people of India are mad at him, and he skipped town to go to his castle.

However, one of the people attending this party is unknown to the others. The billionaire has himself invited her. She works for the Indian police since he’s decided to give himself up, go back to India, and face the music.

This lady is our heroine and a bit quirky. She appears to have some kind of underlying issues herself. Anyway, at this party, the host declares his intention to everyone that he’s gonna go back to India and try to clear his name.

But a massive Stormfront conveniently moves into the region, and the guests are cut off from the mainland overnight, and that’s when murders happen. So who is behind it all? And can Mira solve the case and catch the killer?

Neeyat Ending Explained

Mira asks Gigi, Zara, Jimmy, Ryan, Lisa, Ishaan, Noor, and Sasha to the library. She first claims that Jimmy knocked her unconscious while she went after Ashish. Ashish was discovered dead moments later. That means Jimmy is the murderer, right? Wrong.

Jimmy admits to knocking Mira out, but he denies killing Ashish. He blames Ashish for Tahira’s death. That’s the reason why he wanted to face him and force Ashish to come clean once and for all for the purpose of closure. But he was unable to do it because Ashish had left before he arrived.

Mira then accuses Ryan of attempting to drop an ornamental chandelier on Ashish prior to the dinner. Ryan admits that he did it because he wished for Ashish to admit to killing Ryan’s mother. Mira gathers Ryan’s scissors as evidence before turning her attention to Gigi.

Mira claims that Gigi is an ex-Nation 24 news reporter who, like Tanmay, is there to grab a scoop and also to assist Tanmay in fleeing the fort with Ashish’s suitcase in Ryan’s car. Gigi says that she faked love for Ryan in order to get the real story out of Ashish simply because she couldn’t bear the killings of eight innocent people.

Neeyat Ending
Dipannita Sharma as Noor (Credits: Amazon Prime)

Noor says that she attempted to poison Ashish for the reason that he used to sit like a demon on her and Sanjay’s heads, taking away any joy they might have had in their daily lives. Having said that, she did not force Ashish to die. Sasha is responsible for forcing Lisa for the fees that Ashish refused to pay her.

In the meantime, Lisa is accountable for spying on Ashish for Raj Choudhary, the minister of industries, since Raj is the one who assisted Ashish in leaving India after he had committed fraud and killed eight people.

However, she says that while monitoring Ashish, she grew to love with him. Sanjay Suri, who needed the suitcase to murder Tanmay, was ultimately killed by Kay, according to Mira, who makes this very clear. When Mira goes out to hunt for Kay, Zara knocks everyone out and attempts to run away with the mythical briefcase in order to give it to Ashish.

Ashish Planed His Death

Yes, Ashish did not die by falling. He climbed down the cliff using a trapdoor and appeared to be dead. He then patiently awaited for Zara to bring the briefcase so he could start over while still being considered dead by the police. Kay discovered the trapdoor and discovered that Ashish was still alive.

As a result, Ashish hires her to get the suitcase, which is when Kay murders Sanjay. Zara, however, knocked her out as she was leaving and stuffed her in a hidden cupboard in the library area.

Mira pursued Zara and murdered her when she attempted to get to Ashish. Mira “accidentally” murders Ashish as he attempts to do the same, but she keeps the briefcase she stole for herself. Poetic. The ending of the movie Neeyat reveals that the Mira Rao that we had been following all along isn’t the actual Mira Rao.

The real Mira Rao, who is one of the individuals who committed suicide, is actually Devika Chellam’s lover and works at Ashish’s AK Cyber. Devika Chellam and her were about to begin a new life when she fell bankrupt and committed suicide.

Because Devika was unable to make her dream come true, the phony Mira Rao took it upon herself to foretell Ashish’s downfall. She definitely did not anticipate things going so wrong.

Neeyat Ending Explained
Vidya Balan as the Fake Mira Rao (Credits: Amazon Prime)

If you remain in your seat for a little longer in the theaters, you’re going to see a mid-credits sequence in which the real Mira Rao finally catches up with the phony Mira Rao. Shefali Shah’s character (the genuine Mira Rao) informs Vidya Balan’s character (the phony Mira Rao) that she’s OK but not quite as good as the real thing.

Neeyat Movie Review

Well, I really enjoyed this one, and if you like those Agatha Christie types of drawing room mysteries set in high society, I think you will, too. In fact, this is a riff on an actual Poirot story: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas. It was shot on location in Scotland, which makes it even better. The cast is uniformly good, and the quirky detective is played particularly well by Vidya Balan. The guests all have distinct personalities, and some are quite interesting.

No surprise all of them are suspects since they all have motives for murder. It’s a very unusual picture, being an Indian film with an Indian cast being set in Scotland, at a real Scottish castle.

Having seen lots of Poirot and Miss Marple over the years, some of the story elements were not too surprising, but it was a fun ride anyway. And they have a twister, too, at the end to keep things fresh. I can totally recommend this one.

The best of these “Who Done It” films, like the Knives Out All franchise, work like a puzzle, which we solve alongside the lead investigators. The tropes are familiar, but the pleasure is in the twisty uncovering of motives and weapons, and, eventually, the murderer. Plot, character, and even the location look at how effectively Ryan Johnson used it in the Two Knives Out movies work in tandem to keep us hooked and guessing.

Problems With the Neeyat Movie

Neeyat has a solid setup, but the writers are not alongside Priya Venkataraman, Advaita Kala, and Giovanni Dyani aren’t able to consistently build up the tension or give us characters so dazzling that we don’t notice when this screenplay sags. Any has assembled A terrific cast.

This includes leading ladies with Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Neeraj Kabi, Rahul Bose, Shahana Goswami, Shashank Arora, and Prajakta Koli.

Neeyat Ending Explained
Neeyat Cast (Credits: Amazon Prime)

But the pilot has gigantic loopholes and logic, and it seems hurriedly written like the writers found that good ending before they found the story and then reverse-engineered the story so it could lead to the finale.

Characters do what they do is borderline ridiculous, and by the second hour, anything is possible. Bodies are piling up with alarming regularity, but there is little sense of urgency. The big reveal of each character’s background and motive becomes more and more flimsy, and the dots simply refuse to join. Despite the wobbly writing, a few actors shine. Vidya has fun as the robotic Mira, whose powers of observation rival Sherlock Holmes.

Ram also manages to amuse some personality into Ashish Kapoor, who’s this terrible man with a God complex, but also vulnerable enough to acknowledge that your own children can hurt you the most. But stand out is Shashank, Ashish’s cokehead Son who can’t seem to get a grip on events. There is this lovely insolence about him that adds a touch of comedy to every scene he’s in.

So if it comes your way and you want something “Christie Esque,” by all means, check it out while it’s on the big screen. Or maybe down the road when Neeyat shows up on Amazon Prime. I want to see Neeyat 2, but Mira Rao deserves a smarter, more sparkling film.

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