One Piece Chapter 1091 Review: Sentoumaru is in Trouble?

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As the tension rises on Egghead Island, the straw hats are trying to escape the warzone while also defending Vegapunk and their ship, The Thousand Sunny. So much intense action has made the fans excited, and the anticipation for the new chapters is at an all-time high.

Amid all this anticipation, some new Spoilers and leaks have been made to ease up the fans. These Spoilers have brought some crucial information regarding Sentoumaru, Kizaru, and even Luffy. So let’s review this Chapter and see what action and drama are about to go down in One Piece Chapter 1091!

One Piece Chapter 1091 title has been confirmed to be “Sentoumaru,” which hints that we will be seeing more of him, which was expected seeing how much he has been involved in the ongoing fight.

The cover page of One Piece Chapter 1091 will have the entire straw hats crew, except Robin and Franky, enjoying some pizza. Surprisingly, Jinbe is seen cooking alongside Sanji while the rest of the crew, notably Luffy, are feasting upon these pizzas alongside some flamingos. Chopper and Brook can be seen sitting on a separate table.

One Piece Chapter 1091 Review: Sentoumaru and Kizaru

To fend off the 50,000 marines in the sea, Vegapunk would unleash his pacifists and the “Sea Beast Weapon,” which would sink a handful of marine ships.

This blow would push the Marines back, but they will quickly recover as two vice admirals take the lead and fend off the pacifists and the Sea Beast Weapon. One of the Vice admirals would kick the Sea Beast Weapon and render it useless.

One Piece Chapter 1091
Sentoumaru (Credit: Toei)

Kizaru and Sentoumaru are going to battle it out in this chapter to set things straight. As expected, Sentoumaru would be no match for Kizaru, who is an admiral referred to as “the greatest military power”. As Kizaru kicks Sentoumaru in the gut and sends him flying, he is reminded of the time when he and Sentoumaru first met Vegapunk, which is proof of how much Kizaru still cares for him.

Kizaru would still give Sentoumaru a chance to redeem himself by asking him why he is siding with the pirates, but Sentoumaru would just reply that he’d do anything to save Vegapunk. The chapter will then continue with some more of Kizaru and Sentoumaru’s backstory, and then the story will cut back to Kizaru finally landing a decisive blow on Sentoumaru to end the fight. 

The interesting thing here is that Sentoumaru might not be dead as fans have considered that Kizaru cares for him a lot, so he would never deal a lethal blow to him. After taking down Sentoumaru, Kizaru will use the chip to command the pacifists to destroy the Sea Beast Weapon.

Kizaru has always taken fights lightly in the entirety of the series, and he has always been seen joking around and being lazy, but this time, an up-close image of Kizaru shows that he’s more serious than ever, and he’s also angry.

Kizaru Attacks Vegapunk and The Thousand Sunny! 

Kizaru then goes on to interrupt Vegapunk in his attempt to carry Sunny using his Vegapunk Force 1, but Stussy stops him. After that, Sanji also joins the fight and traps Kaku in a bubble ball using Nami’s bubble gun.

One Piece Chapter 1091
Kizaru (Credit: Toei)

Zoro will appear and attack Lucci, causing them both to crash into a wall and land in a separate area. The stage is set for an interesting fight between Zoro and Lucci and also Sanji and Kaku. Kizaru tries to follow Vega Force 1 to destroy Sunny, but Luffy stops him in his tracks. Luffy stands as a wall between Sunny and Kizaru and boldly states, “The Straw hats are now 100 times stronger than 2 years ago”.

Scars From The Past

The stage is set for one of the best fights in the One Piece Manga as Luffy and Kizaru have come face to face after 2 years. Kizaru has left many scars on Luffy because of his ruthless assault on his crew in the Sabaody Archipelago, but things are different now as Luffy has the power of Haki and his awakened devil fruit, which makes him a fierce opponent.

Luffy has managed to beat Kaido using his Gear 5, so Kizaru shouldn’t give him much trouble, but we can only wonder till the official release of One Piece Chapter 1091, which is going to happen soon!

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