One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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One Piece Live Action Series Season 2 is going in high demand after the release of its first season. This series has broken the live-action curse of anime/manga. Fans usually don’t demand live-action series considering the previous failed live-action like Death Note, Dragon Ball, or Attack on Titan.

But that is not the case with One Piece. The viewers really enjoyed the show to the fullest. Whether it may be a manga reader, anime watcher, or someone who watched One Piece for the first time, everyone liked it!

Whether it was casting for the characters or the action sequences, everything was done perfectly. Zoro is getting liked by many new viewers of the show, as all his sword fighting was so satisfying to watch. And fans are now requesting Netflix for its second season. Everyone wants to know when season 2 will be released. Well, here’s where we come in since in the article, we will discuss if there will be a season 2 of One Piece and, if there will be one, then when will it be? 

One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Straw Hat Pirates (Credits: Netflix)

How was One Piece Live Action Series Different from its Anime & Manga

There were many things that were changed from the actual storyline. When I say many, I mean MANY. But was it necessary? Yes! It was definitely necessary since if they hadn’t changed the storyline, most first-time viewers would have definitely dropped in between.

The creator of One Piece, Eichiro Oda, was involved in action-making, so nothing was done without his knowledge. Even though One Piece has one of the best storylines, most anime viewers don’t consider watching it because of its long-running story.

One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Zoro V/S Mihawk (Credits: Netflix/Toei Animation)

To date, One Piece anime has over 1000+ episodes, and its manga has over 1090+ chapters. Most people don’t have that much time to spend on the show, even though they know it’s good. So, One Piece Live Action Series’ makers decided to make it short so that everyone could enjoy it without worrying about its length.

The story that the live-action series covered eight episodes until its anime 47th episode. However, its anime episode roughly covers 15 minutes of story per episode, meaning the eight episodes of the live-action are equal to its anime 32 episodes. So, there was 4 hours’ worth of story cut from the actual storyline. But there were many new scenes added in the live-action.

The Biggest Change in One Piece Live Action!

The first of the huge changes made in the series was Garp appearance. Garp did appear to arrest Axe Hand, Morgan after Luffy defeated him, but after that, he wasn’t shown in the show for a really long time. He only appears very few times in the anime. And the big reveal that he, the grandfather of Luffy, was in anime episode 492.

So, it was a huge change made in the live-action. And there is no kissing in the story, so Ussop kissing Kaya never happened in the anime/manga. But the fans really enjoyed this change made by the writer of the series, and maybe Oda approved it.

Also, Buggy did not appear in the anime after he was defeated by Luffy. He only appeared when he met Alvida, which we saw at the end of episode 8. Also, Arlong never came to the Baratie. In the Anime, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Ussop go to Coco Island, and there they meet Arlong for the first time.

One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
One Piece Live Action Series/Anime (Credits: Netflix/Toei Animation)

There were many Impact full scenes in Anime/manga, which weren’t delivered nicely in live-action. Sanji leaving the Baratie wasn’t impactful in comparison to anime. And the Luffy V/S Captain Kuro was also a bit better in anime. 

And I felt like a bit of comedy was missing in the live-action, though. Also, there was one fish man missing in the live-action, Hajin. Hajin has a role to play in upcoming stories, but still, he was not shown in live-action. Maybe they have some reasons for it.

I don’t know, but I felt like Nami is stronger in live-action than she was in anime/manga. She was easily beating the Marines in the Shell town. There are still a few left, but if we continue, it will take a lot of time.

However, note that all these changes were made to make the live-action series better and within the knowledge of Oda (author of One Piece). And if a few anime/manga fans didn’t like the changes, let me let you know that the live-action isn’t made for them.

It is made for viewers who haven’t watched One Piece yet and the audience who never in their life watched anime or read manga. And I think that the One Piece Live action is currently the best live-action adaptation (unbiased opinion).

Should you Watch One Piece Anime after the Live Action?

Will it depend on you? If you are okay with watching low animation quality (480p to 227 episodes, and it develops as we move forward in the story), and if you don’t have any problem with its pacing/length, then you should definitely consider watching it.

And if you only watch live-action and never watched an anime before, then it will be a great chance to discover the new world of anime. But many of the viewers have problems with One Piece anime pacing, and it has over 1000+ episodes, so you should just wait for the live-action season 2., or the other option is to read its manga.

But don’t worry, we will also tell you about what is going to happen next season without spoiling anything for you. But note that it may change since live action is going through many changes to short it down.

One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

What to Expect from One Piece Live Action Series Season 2

Season 2 will start the true journey of Luffy and his crew. And many new characters will be joining the Straw hat crew. Season two will be based on the Longtown arc & Alabasta Saga. From here, Luffy and his crew will be going to the Long Town arc, which is a place where the King of the Pirate, Gold. D. Roger was born and executed.

The new character, which was teased at the end of the series, is Smoker. He is the marine head of the Longtown, and he will chase Luffy like Garp was doing. The best thing about this arc is that we will see Luffy’s brother, Ace. Ace is one of the best characters in the anime/manga. So you better look out for him.

One Piece Live Action Series Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Smoker and Crocodile from One Piece Anime (Credits: Toei Animation)

The main analogist of the Alabasta Saga will be Crocodile, who is a warlord like Mihawk. This arc will be a long one since it took 74 episodes to complete in anime. However, they will probably cut many scenes to make it short and to fit it into 8-10 episodes.

As you know, Zoro lost two swords while fighting with Mihawk, so he will look for some new swords in Longtown. Buggy will return in this arc with Alvida and her crew. Well, this was just a gist of the upcoming season, and it will probably be more amazing than the first season.

Will there be a Season 2 One Piece Live Action Series?

Well, like I said earlier, most of the viewers enjoyed the series, and it was getting quite good reviews on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. So there will definitely going to be a season 2 of the One Piece Live Action Series. However, there is still no official statement made by Netflix, but they did tease us with a post-credit scene of the next enemy on Straw Hat Pirates. So there is a very high chance of Season 2.

Since Netflix hasn’t announced the second season, we don’t know yet when it will release. But considering Netflix’s previous work, they will probably release it in less than two years, so people will not forget about it. Our best guess is that it will be released in early 2025.

Where One Piece Live Action Season 2 will release

Since One Piece Live Action is a Netflix exclusive show, its second season 2 will be released on the Netflix streaming platform. You can check out news related to it on One Piece Live Action’s official Twitter handle. There, you will get the announcement of season 2.

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