PowerPoint for Mac gets the Recording Studio feature for Microsoft 365 Insiders

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Microsoft 365 Insiders on macOS has new features to try in PowerPoint: Recording Studio. This feature allows users to create and share interactive presentations with audio and video narration, annotations, and animations.

Recording Studio was previously only available on the Windows and web versions of PowerPoint, but now it’s been added to the tape on the Mac version as well. Users can access the Recording Studio by clicking on the Slide Show tab and then on Record Slide Show. This will open a recording window where users can record their voice, video, annotations and animations for each slide. They can also use the laser pointer or pen tool to highlight important points.

Users can also edit their recordings, trim audio and video clips, adjust volume, and add captions in PowerPoint. They can also preview their recording before saving it. Users can export their recordings as MP4 files or upload them to Microsoft Stream, a video service for organizations. They can also share recordings with others via email, Microsoft Teams, or OneDrive.

“Do you get anxious before giving a presentation? Do you wish you could present like a pro? With Recording Studio, you can reduce presentation anxiety and present like a pro. Just record your presentation and share it. You can do everything asynchronously, at your own pace, in your own words, in your own space. No more worrying about coordinating schedules or finding the right meeting time. Say goodbye to boring static slides and welcome to the power of video!”

Recording Studio is a useful tool for creating engaging and interactive presentations, especially for remote work and education scenarios. Currently only available for Microsoft 365 on macOS version 16.75 (Build 23060201) or later. It is expected to roll out to all users in the coming months.


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