Quick Ways to Shrink a Distended Stomach in Women Read Now

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Posture is a very important thing to pay attention to because it relates to your appearance, especially for women. There are various methods used by women to shrink a distended stomach, but not infrequently the methods used are successful. Then how to shrink a distended stomach in women?

How to reduce belly fat in women

A distended stomach in women is a big enough problem to pay attention to, usually a distended stomach is due to hormones that have affected the process of fat distribution. Not only that, usually this distended stomach is also due to stress and rarely exercising is also the main thing to pay attention to. Here are various ways to shrink a distended stomach in women which can be a reference for you, especially for women.

a. The first way you can do that is you can consume foods that contain fiber

Foods that contain fiber have very good properties to shrink the stomach. Good fiber food is soluble fiber, by consuming this it is able to slow down the process of absorption in the food you have consumed. Another benefit is that you will feel fuller for a longer time. Examples of types of food that you can make reference to are avocados, broccoli and carrots.

b. The second step is to arrange foods that have a high protein content

The high protein content is able to increase the metabolism and can control your appetite to consume food, so you will be full for a longer time. Examples of foods that have a high protein content are fish, eggs, meat and nuts. You can consume this type of food in alternating mode so you don’t get bored.

c. The third step you can avoid foods that contain trans fats

Do you know what trans fat is? So trans fat is a type of fat that is in margarine, as well as the type of food that is on the package. Usually the type of food that is classified as trans fat is able to increase fat so that it makes the stomach distend quickly.

d. Make sure you have reduced food intake of carbohydrates and sugar

By reducing your intake of carbohydrates you can reduce the fat in your body, this will be more effective in making your stomach no longer distended. Foods that contain carbohydrates you can replace them with sweet potatoes, bananas or oranges.

e. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

Consuming alcohol for a long time will make your stomach more distended, this is because there is a process of fat accumulation that will affect the distribution of fat in your body.

The above are various ways to shrink a distended stomach in women, which can be a reference for you. How, interesting is not it?

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