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Currently, PCOS is one of the health problems faced by young women. So what are the signs of PCOS that we need to watch out for?

“Polycystic ovary syndrome or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an abnormal condition that occurs in women caused by an imbalance of androgen hormones in which a woman produces more androgen hormones than other women in general,” said dr. Sandy Prasetyo on Instagram Live NGOPY, Monday (13/3/2023).

He added that the high androgen hormone in a woman’s body will suppress the production of ovum (egg cells) in the ovaries (ovaries). This will cause the ovum that should be perfectly mature and developed to fail to be produced and periodically released by the ovaries. If this is allowed, when the woman is married, she will experience difficulties in calculating her fertile period.

Causes of Pcos

dr. Sandy Prasetyo also explained that until now, it is not known exactly what causes PCOS. However, there are several factors that are thought to be related to PCOS, namely:

Genetic Factors

This is because some PCOS sufferers have family members who suffer from PCOS

Insulin Resistance

A condition in which the body is unable to properly use blood sugar due to a disturbance in its response to insulin. Insulin levels build up in the body and can cause androgen levels to rise. In addition, obesity can also cause insulin levels to increase and worsen PCOS symptoms.

Signs of PCOS in Teenage Girls

He also added that the signs of PCOS in young women can be observed when young women have entered puberty, which is marked by the occurrence of menstruation or first menstruation.

The following are observable signs of PCOS:

Menstrual Disorders

PCOS sufferers are often characterized by irregular and prolonged menstrual cycles. According to lighthouse health journal by SusilawatiIn general, normal women will experience menstrual cycles 12 times a year with a menstrual range of 3-7 days. However, women affected by PCOS will experience irregular menstrual cycles, which are less than 8-9 times a year. This is caused by decreased ovulation activity in the reproductive system (the ovum does not mature) so that the uterine lining cannot decay.

Signs That Appear Due to High Androgen Hormones

According to Dr. Sandy, high androgen hormones in the body often cause physical symptoms such as excessive hair growth, especially in areas of the face and body such as the chest, stomach and back. Generally, the hair that grows will be darker and thicker. In addition, the skin becomes more oily and acne is quite severe.

Skin Color Becomes Dark

Quoted from Hopkins MedicineThis syndrome also shows physical symptoms, namely the patient’s skin color turns darker. Usually dark skin occurs in the folds, such as the neck, groin, under the breasts, and groin.

In the NGOPY Instagram Live, Dr. Sandy also explained that “the signs and symptoms of PCOS that appear in every woman vary. If you feel the two complaints above or you don’t menstruate at all even though you’re not pregnant. You are advised to do an examination and consult directly with an obstetrician or obstetrician.

The condition of PCOS cannot be cured but can be controlled by changing lifestyles to become healthier by eating nutritious foods and fulfilling the body by taking supplements and vitamins every day.

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Find more information regarding PCOS with Dr. Sandy Prasetyo on IG Live NGOPY, Click here.

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