Remove Administrator Account in Windows 11 in 3 Steps

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@media(min-width:0px){}Windows provides a direct method to remove or get rid of administrator accounts that are no longer needed. This guide shows you how to do it in simple steps.

In Windows 11, creating an administrator account is as easy as a few clicks, as long as you have the necessary administrator privileges. When an account is no longer needed, deleting it is as easy as that. For example, I recently had to create a local administrator account in Windows 11 for testing purposes. After I finished using it, I removed the administrator account to clean the system and make sure no unauthorized users could access it.


This guide will teach you the easiest way to remove administrator account in Windows 11.

What to do before deleting an admin account

Before proceeding with deleting the admin account, there are a few things you should keep in mind and do to make sure there is no data loss or unintended consequences. Here they are.

Back up user files: Before deleting the account, go to the user’s home folder by going to the location “C:\Users\Username” in File Explorer and copy all the files and folders inside to a separate drive/partition. This ensures that you have backed up all user profile files and folders which will be automatically deleted when you delete the admin account in Windows 11.Transfer ownership of files and folders: If you change the ownership of a file or folder, it is better to transfer ownership to another administrator account on the system to avoid permission issues. This is not mandatory but is a ‘good thing to do’ as it eliminates the need to change ownership after the fact.Back up important settings and other account information: If the removed administrator account has important settings, preferences, or associated email accounts, be sure to save this information for future reference or configuration.

Remove the Windows 11 administrator account

Important note: You need administrator privileges to remove the admin account in Windows 11. If your computer only has one admin account and you want to remove it, you must create another administrator account, log into it, and continue with the steps below [email protected](min-width:0px){}

Windows 11 users follow below steps to remove administrator account:

Sign in to Windows 11 as administrator. Open the app Windows 11 Settings. Navigate to “Account“in the sidebar.Click options”other users“under”Account Settings”. Click it administrator user that you want to delete. Click/tap the “ ButtonWipe“. Press the button “Delete accounts and data“. Administrator account deleted on Windows 11.Closed Settings app.

Let’s look at these steps in detail:


First, log in to your Windows 11 computer as an administrator. Remember that you may not be logged into the same account that you want to delete. If your computer only has one admin account and you want to remove it, create a new admin account and log into it.

After that, launch the Windows 11 Settings app. You can use the keyboard shortcut Start button + I or click the Settings icon (gear) in the Start menu or Quick Settings panel (Win + I).

Once the Windows 11 Settings app is open, navigate to the “Account” tab in the sidebar, scroll down to the “Account Settings” section in the right pane, and click on the “Other users” option. This is where you can manage all the Windows users you create/add (other than family user accounts).

@media(min-width:0px){}Once you are on this page, find the Windows 11 administrator account you want to remove and click on it to open it. Next, click the “Delete” button and then click the “Delete account and data” button to confirm your action.

There he is. The administrator account is removed from Windows 11. You can close the Windows 11 Settings app.

General questions

I can’t delete a user account in Windows 11.

To delete or delete a user account in Windows 11, you need administrator rights. Sign in to an administrator account and try again. This should fix the problem.

I can’t find the administrator user account in the Windows 11 Settings app.

You won’t find the user account you want to delete if you’re signed in to the same account. Log into another administrator account and you’ll see the user account you want to remove.

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I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helps you.

If you get stuck or need help, send me an email, and I’ll try to help as much as I can.


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