Safe and Effective Ways to Fatten a Woman’s Body Read Now

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The reasons for fattening the body in women can vary. Starting from improving nutrition to maintaining appearance. Whatever the reason, you should not apply methods that are not safe, because they endanger your health. What are the healthy and safe ways to fatten a woman’s body?

How to fatten the body needs to be adjusted to the conditions and trigger factors for being underweight. Therefore, it is important to ensure nutritional status based on Body Mass Index (BMI). If your body weight is low, here are various ways to fatten up a woman’s body that is healthy and has minimal risk.

Know how to fatten a woman’s body safely

Here are various ways to fatten a woman’s body that are safe and effective to apply:

1. Consume healthy snacks

The recommended way to fatten a woman’s body is to eat nutritious snacks to increase calories. For example, whole wheat bread, yogurt, fruit, and dark chocolate. However, avoid consuming non-nutritious snacks, such as fried foods, because they contain cholesterol and oil. If consumed in excess, these foods actually trigger diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

2. Choose nutritious food

The process of fattening the body does not mean eating foods high in saturated fat, junk food, or drinking high-sugar drinks excessively. Efforts to fatten the body are important, but done safely. For example, eat a balanced diet, such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs, fish, tofu, tempeh and nuts. If necessary, you can consult a doctor to find out additional supplements that can meet nutritional needs, as well as fattening the body.

3. Multiply calories

The key to fattening the body is increasing the intake of calories in food. Eat healthy, high-calorie foods, such as soups mixed with cream, grated cheese added to bread. You are also advised to drink drinks that are high in calories, such as yogurt, juices, smoothies and milk, as healthy snacks.

In addition to sufficient body fluids, these drinks are effective in preventing dehydration. However, make sure you are selective in choosing high-calorie foods so that blood sugar, cholesterol and salt do not rise, which are harmful to health.

4. Exercise regularly

Want to gain weight quickly? It is advisable to exercise regularly. Exercise can accelerate the formation of tissue and muscle mass. If balanced by consuming nutritious food, exercise is effective in achieving ideal body weight. Exercise also makes your appetite increase, thus accelerating the fulfillment of calories and nutrients.

Causes of Low Body Weight

Underweight can be triggered by a number of factors or diseases, namely:

  • Food malabsorption, eg Celiac disease.
  • Cancer, especially patients with advanced stages.
  • Certain diseases, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism.
  • Digestive disorders, eg Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Malnutrition or malnutrition.
  • Eating disorders, eg anorexia nervosa.
  • Mental disorders, such as depression and stress.
  • Infections, such as tuberculosis and HIV.
  • High physical activity.

Underweight also triggered by various other things, such as using drugs, extreme diets, smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs.

Ideal body weight is a sign of a healthy body. In addition, ideal body weight makes you look attractive. If you have low body weight, immediately go to a nutritionist to get the right treatment, for example, to prescribe a body fattening drug or to recommend a certain healthy diet.

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