See You In My 19th Life Webtoon Ending Explained & Review

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In the webtoon “See You in My 19th Life,” concepts of a love that has been forgotten a very long time ago come to shore when Ban Ji-Eum suddenly finds herself getting flashbacks from her past life. Her experiences find home when she finds herself in reconciliation while she tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

This unusual story of Ban Ji-Eum was triggered when she was nine years old when the girl found herself in unfamiliar memories projected in her head from a life she’d never lived about a love that couldn’t fulfill itself. But later on in her investigation, she finds herself holding memories from her past lives. In a briefcase full of confusion, she finds the end of the rope in reconciliation with her past love.

As she spells the name Seo-Ha, we see her recollecting thoughts about a person from her past life experiences. This fairy tale about a young girl recognizing her journey towards uncovering the missing puzzle pieces from her Deja-vu is an adventure on its own, and the answer to the question, “Does true love meet its end, or does it stay forever?” is to be uncovered with Ji-Eum’s quest of remembrance.

See You In My 19th Life Webtoon Ending Explained
Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha from See You In My 19th Life (Credits-Webtoon)

See You in My 19th Life Webtoon Recap:

Baffled by her own existence, Ban Ji-Eum strolls through her life while meeting various perplexities. In the earlier episodes, we are shown Ji-Eum in her 18th life while a girl is shown painting a picture. An unfamiliar sense of knowingness arises as we find Ji-Eum living her 18th life as Cho-won. As the scene expands, a boy bumps into Cho-won’s painting, and we see a glimpse of Seo-Ha, who runs off without apologizing to Cho-won.

A conversation about a sudden abnormal behavioral change in Cho-won was later discussed between Cho-wan and Seo-Ha’s mother, while Cho-wan’s mother discussed her child’s suddenly acting more mature, like she’s a whole different person, and how she’s left tensed because of her daughter. Cho-wan was always seen as lost in recollecting her memory multiverse. 

Later, we see Ji-Eum in her third life, remembering herself with her mother in her second life, but when she rushes to confront her mother, she’s struck with grief just as nobody recognizes her and gets thrown away as an outcast. The thought that she’s never going to be recognized by her loved ones in every life makes Ji-Eum miserable and leaves her in complexities.

As Ji-Eum confesses to Seo-Ha, “Our end will be beautiful.” Episode 6 ends beautifully. While we get to see the complementary romance between Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha when Ji-Eum cooks a meal for Seo-Ha that he used to like in his past life, Seo-Ha finds the taste familiar to him.

A conversation about past lives happens between Ji-Eum and Min-gi as Min-gi confronts Min-gi about living his 23rd life and how he remembers his past, and he explains further how Ji-Eum should also know about her first life and that her knowing her first life will reveal why she remembers her past lives.

See You In My 19th Life Webtoon Ending Explained
Seo-Ha from See You In My 19th Life (Credits-Webtoon)

See You In My 19th Life Web-toon Ending Explained:

The story ends beautifully, as promised, as Ji-Eum breaks the curse and becomes an ordinary person who will now lead an ordinary life rather than remembering her past lives.

In the end, Ji-Eum meets herself from her first life, with Ji-Eum saying she’ll be happy now as we walk towards the end. Ji-Eum accepts her fate, knowing she’ll forget everyone and everything she has known in her present life.

Seo-Ha reminds Ji-Eum that he’ll come for her and find her, and he tells her he has prepared a couple of rings for her. Further, Seo-Ha uses his connections to bring Ji-Eum into his Mi hotel marketing team when Ji-Eum finally forgets everything.

The circle of events completes when Ji-Eum meets Seo-Ha at the MI Hotel, where they meet each other for the first time. As Seo-Ha confesses his feelings to Ji-Eum, he smiles, saying if she rejects him three times, he will give up, but we all know how it’ll turn out.

See You in My 19th Life Web-toon Review:

The story had a lot to offer, and with the magic and reversals, it had a clear view of presenting things in their right order. The story had a significant plot twist that will whip you from time to time if you’re not conscious. Along with its ferocious new concept, it stole my heart with its storyline.

I loved how fate brought everything together and led us toward the happy ending we expected.

The story brought us the end that we wanted, with the characters ready to face their new journey in their lives. And everything seemingly fell into place like we wanted a complete story.

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