Settings app get new ‘Home’ with interactive cards on Windows 11 23H2

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As part of the Windows 11 23H2 improvements, Microsoft is introducing a new “Home” page for the Settings app. The new page features a design that uses interactive cards (similar to widgets) representing various device and account-related settings.

According to the company, the new Home page for Settings gives you an overview of your device, quick access to specific settings, and helps you to manage your account. The page groups the different cards dynamically, depending on how you access the settings on your computer. Also, each card has been optimized to provide only the most relevant information and controls, allowing you to quickly adjust settings on your setup.

The Home page includes two sections. At the top, you will find some basic information about the device, including a preview of the desktop, the computer name, and the option to change the device name.

On the right, the page will display the networking status along with the name of the network adapter. Clicking the item will take you to the “Network & internet” settings section.

Settings home top view
Settings home top view

Also, you will see the status of the Windows Update service and when was the last time the system checked for updates. Clicking the item will take you to the “Windows Update” settings section.

At the bottom, you will find the interactive cards, which currently support up to seven cards, including “Recommended settings,” “Cloud storage,” “Account recovery,” “Personalization,” “Microsoft 365,” “Xbox,” and “Bluetooth Devices.”

Settings home cards view
Settings home cards view

The Recommended settings” card adapts to your specific usage patterns, providing timely and relevant settings options.

In the “Cloud storage” card, you will find an overview of your OneDrive storage usage, which lets you know when you’re nearing capacity.

The “Account recovery” card provides recommendations for your Microsoft account security with options to add additional recovery info.

The “Personalization” card brings up customization with one-click access to update your background theme or change color mode. “Microsoft 365” provides a quick glimpse of your subscription status and benefits and the ability to take key actions, while the Xbox” card offers a view of your subscription status and options to manage the subscription, and the “Bluetooth Devices” card Simplifies your Bluetooth device management experience.

This release includes seven cards, but the company will add more in future releases. The only caveat is that this system works automatically, and you can’t remove, rearrange, or choose the card you want to have available.

The Settings Home page should be available automatically after installing build 23493 or a higher release, but if it’s not, you can use these instructions to enable it.


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