Steve Harvey’s Wife Sparks Cheating Rumors: The Truth Revealed

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Sadly, Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, sparked cheating rumors. The news is ruling the internet, as nobody thought it was coming. Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges tied the knot back in 2007. Therefore, they are together for 16 long years, which is not a matter of joke.

These days, breakups and divorces amid cheating are not something unusual. It has become very common, and that’s the saddest part. Fans are wondering if Steve Harvey’s long-time wife cheated on him. Are they about to end their marriage? What’s going on? 

Steve Harvey doesn’t need any introduction. Known majorly for hosting Family Feud, he has amazed millions of people across the world. Some of his other notable works are The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Little Big Shots. Do you watch the ongoing arbitration-based reality court comedy show: Judge Steve Harvey? 

On the other hand, Steve Harvey’s wife, Majorie Bridges, has always been supportive of him. During an interview, the TV host shared that Marjorie is the one who helped him in becoming a better person. Who is she? Talking about Marjorie, she hails from Tennessee. She isn’t just a social media personality but a professional designer, business owner, and blogger for The Lady Loves Couture. 

Coming back to Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, sparking cheating rumors, it calls for the current status of their marriage. Fans are worried. How did the host react as a husband? Did she break his trust? Briefly: How true are her cheating rumors? You must have all these questions in your mind. Right? Here is the truth revealed. 

Steve Harvey's Wife Sparks Cheating Rumors
Steve Harvey: Family Feud host (Credits: StyleCaster)

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Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Bridges Cheating: How True Are The Rumors? 

No. Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, didn’t cheat on him. In other words, she debunked those rumors, addressing them as “foolishness” and “lies.” We wonder why some people are up for spreading negativity and, most importantly, fake news.

There is immense love between Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges. Little did you know, she is his third wife and the one who helped him in becoming a better person, as stated earlier. To be more precise about the cheating rumors, it was reported that Steve Harvey’s wife was seeking a $200-million divorce settlement. Also, she was rumored to be dating their bodyguard and chef. 

Guess how Steve Harvey reacted to these rumors? The Family Feud host said, “I’m fine. Marjorie, fine.” Having utmost trust for his wife, he added saying, “I don’t know what you all are doing, but find something else to do, cause we fine. Lord, have mercy.” 

It’s very understandable that Steve Harvey loves his wife a lot and knows that Marjorie didn’t cheat on him. He shared about having no time for such rumors and gossip. On this note, he said, “God been good to me. I’m still shining.”  

Steve Harvey's Wife Sparks Cheating Rumors
Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges are very much in love (Credits: Parade)

What did Steve Harvey’s wife say? Following the rumors of her cheating on her long-time husband, Marjorie Bridges shared that the two are best friends. Also, those cheating rumors are all “lies,” as shared by her. She further added, “It’s the first time either of us has had someone we can talk to about everything.” 

Therefore, we may conclude by saying that Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges’ marriage is going fine. It seems like nobody and nothing on this earth can make them apart or go against each other. 

Best Wishes to Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges for the upcoming days of their lives. It feels good to see that they are doing great as a couple. We are hopeful that their marriages stay blissful like this always, irrespective of such weird, baseless news. 

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