Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Episode 2: Recap, Review and Ending Explained

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Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Episode 2 is the talk of the town. All eight girl groups and their members have been giving their best to make this season of Street Woman Fighter a grand success. Foreign groups from the USA and Japan have arrived in the Korean Dance World trying to prove their worth.

The judges Monica, Shownu, and Mike, along with host Kang Daniel, are ready with the challenges for the crews before one can make the final cut to the trophy. Speaking of the show, let us find out how much the contestants have explored so far in episode 2.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The episode was a level up compared to the previous episode. It kickstarts from the cliffhanger we were left at in the first episode, the battle between Lia and Mina. However, it was more overpowered by emotions than dancing. Monica was not pleased by the sight but Mina came out as the better one according to the judges so she was declared the winner.

However, the hype created was not worth it according to how they delivered. In the next battle, Cera and Ling had a face-off. Cera left everyone awestruck by her move and sheer leg strength. Her being the winner was highly deserved, although Ling was good as well.

The battle between Mini and Akanen was teased through the preview for the episode, and it did not disappoint. The touch they added to hip-hop was unique and thrilling. Their showdown could not be limited to one battle, so the rematch was a must.

Finally, Mini was able to secure a win for herself. Then Mnet decided that it was time to level up the game with an ace battle. The ace dancers were picked from each team and called out randomly. Other dancers who felt confident of defeating them on the same song could challenge the ace dancers and win 2 points.

The first ace dancer was Babysleek, and nobody wanted to take up the challenge until Amy showed up. They had a good battle, but Babysleek continued to rule with her unbreakable face-off streak securing the win.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2
Street Woman Fighter Season 2 (Credits: Mnet)

Waackxxxy and Kirsten got their chance of a rematch, but one round didn’t do justice, so they performed again until the judges made the tough call of choosing one winner. Waackxxxy gets her revenge by winning the match. The rest of the ace battles were edited and dropped out of the episode.

Commencing ahead, we got a crew battle between Lady Bounce and 1Million. Lady Bounce was in a tough spot after repeated losses, but their understanding and teamwork helped them to have the upper hand in the battle, and they won.

Other awaited battles of crews were dropped out, and the rankings were announced after the challenge was completed. Wolf’Lo holds the first spot with 12 wins, and Mannequeen is in second position, while Lady Bounce is last. Right after, the class mission began, where leaders, rookies, and sub-leader groups presented their choreographies.

The class mission for selecting the main dancer was a shocker for the rookie class, as Rena was chosen as the main dancer. The even bigger drama was Redlic blaming Latrice for her choreography without understanding the lyrics, but in the end, Latrice wins.

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Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

The last and most important audition for the main dancer from the leader group was held. All the leaders tried their best, but Bada of Bebe and Kirsten of Jam Republic made it to the end. Their face-off was a close call, but Bada had the final laugh with her victory.

The road will get tougher from here as misunderstandings are on the way. Episode 2 ending gave us an idea of the things to expect from the upcoming episodes. Rena is getting a little bossy, which is not to the liking of other members.

The mission ahead will be tougher as one team has to go home after the death match. Each team will pick up an agency, and the ones that fall under the same wing will have a one-on-one battle.

Street Woman Fighter Season 2 Episode 2 Review

The episode was overall better than the first one, so the growth graph has the needed elevation. Dancing was the main focus of this episode, and several battles were full of power and moves. The only problems remaining are the unnecessary push to the drama and fights, along with several good battles being cut from the episode.

Just like Lia and Mina got the unnecessary screen time and hype over the banter, but the crew and solo battles did not make it to the aired episode. Nevertheless, things might get better in the upcoming episodes, and you can always watch the other battles on the YouTube channel The Choom.

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