The 7 Best Voice Changer Apps in 2023

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Whether you want anonymity or you just want to have fun with your friends using a different voice, the first thing that comes to mind is a voice changer app.

You will find many Voice changer apps on the internet that adjust tempo, pitch, frequency, etc., or use AI tools to change the original audio. However, only a handful of them work properly.

Depending on their functionality and ease of use, I have listed some of the best voice changer apps that you can use in 2023.

FineShare: FineVoice

Fine Voice is a simple and effective Voice changer app which also supports real time voice modification. The app works on Discord, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many other software that use a microphone.

Apart from changing the voice in real-time, the application also supports the text-to-speech feature, which makes FineVoice a good choice if you want the computer to read your texts.

Other features that this app offers are Extract Audio and Voice Changer of Audio Files. Audio extract removes audio from video files. Audio File Voice Changer allows you to change pre-recorded audio files.

One downside of this app is that there are limitations in the free version. You need to pay a subscription fee to access all features in the application.

Pros: Straightforward functionality and simple UI make it great for first time users. Supports real-time voice changing, text to speech, speech to text, and audio extraction in one application. Cons: Restrictions like transcription limited to speech-to-text on the premium version too.

Cyberlink AudioDirector

Cyberlink AudioDirector is a professional audio editing tool that helps you produce clear audio recordings and even modify audio recordings. The app can adjust pitch, remove noise, match the equalizer, and even remove sound from recordings.

Apart from that, it also lets you add effects to your audio recordings. This includes delay, reverb, echo and various voice modifier presets. You can also incorporate multiple sound effects into a channel and apply them to the recorded audio. This gives you complete control over the recorded audio.

One downside of this app is that it doesn’t support real-time voice changes and can only add effects to pre-recorded audio files.

Pros: The app is packed with tons of audio editing features. Friendly for first time users and beginners. Full access to premium features for 30 days. Organized workspace for multitasking. Cons: Doesn’t support real time voice change. Requires a subscription fee to use the app after the trial period ends.

Adobe Auditions

Adobe Audition is another professional audio editing tool designed for video and audio/music production. Developed as an audio workstation, this application comes with lots of tools and features such as audio cleaning/noise reduction, lots of sound effects, and even editing low and high frequencies in audio files.

Adobe also provides frequent updates to Adobe Audition keeping most of its tools updated. One downside of Adobe Audition is that it has a steep learning curve for first time users.

Since this application is intended for professional use, it may not be suitable if you are just getting into audio editing. If you are new to this, I suggest you use a simple program with a simpler user interface such as FineVoice or Clownfish.

Pros: A professional audio workstation that provides lots of features. Frequent app updates Disadvantages: Expensive subscription fees. Difficult to use, especially for beginners.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a free voice changer app that changes the audio at the system level. This means that your voice will be modified in any application that uses a microphone.

This application also supports text-to-speech with more than 400 voices. It also comes with several standalone plugins that enhance the app’s usability. Some of these plugins are Push2Talk, SoundBoard, Win2Talk, and VSTClownfish.

What makes Clownfish so great is that it is completely free for all users and also has a separate extension for Google Chrome if you want a voice changer for specific websites.

Pros: Completely free. Has a separate extension for Chrome. Supports integration for Visual Studio Technology (VST) Plugin Cons: User interface is quite old and navigating through settings is tricky. Modifying audio files is not possible.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer allows voice modification in any application that uses a microphone. Unlike Clownfish, you can even add effects to audio files.

The app also gives users the ability to add or change the resonance, depth and frequency of vocal effects. This means you have complete control over how the final audio will sound.

Finally, the application also allows you to create custom sound effects which will allow you to create completely new sound effects.

Pros: Access to various sound effects. Gives you the ability to create your own sound effects. The app is lightweight and doesn’t use much system resources. Cons: You need to pay a subscription fee for commercial use.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer is a lightweight application which supports real time voice changing along with online voice changer. This app works on most VoIP and various Instant Messaging services like Skype, Viber, Hangouts and many more.

The app also comes with support for online games and web apps like Facebook and Slack. However, you need to pay a hefty fee to access all of its features.

Pros: A lightweight app with lots of features besides a voice changer. Many voice changer effects are available for free. Modify previously recorded audio files. Cons: Rarely update applications. Outdated user interface Requires purchase of full license to use all of its features.


Audacity is another professional audio editing application that allows users to change pitch and tempo, add delay or reverb, and even remove noise from audio files. Unfortunately, Audacity doesn’t have the ability to change voices in real-time.

However, audacity gives you the ability to change various audio settings via the Audacity plugin to change the sound in the original audio file.

Pros: Lots of audio settings and plugins to play with. Easy to use even though it is an application for professionals. Cons: Doesn’t support real time voice change.


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