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Whether you’re a professional gamer or simply a competitive one, there are several reasons why you might want to consider wearing a pair of gaming gloves.

Many have textured palm and fingertip grips to prevent controllers from slipping in your hand, and are made from sweat-wicking fabrics that keep unwanted moisture from ruining gameplay. Some are even made from compression fabrics that can help to reduce cramps and ensure blood flow is maintained.

These quality-of-life improvements stack up and can help give your gameplay that all-important edge.

Here are the best gaming gloves right now.

If you’re a gamer who plays competitively (recreationally or professionally), you’re bound to appreciate the assurance that these Ironclad Console Gaming Gloves give to your performance. You’ll want to keep those reactions laser-sharp to stay ahead of your adversaries, and sweaty palms just aren’t conducive to that end.

In which case, consider these precision fit, performance gloves. Available in sizes from XX-Small to X-Large, they are constructed from lightweight and breathable materials that will wick away any sweaty build-up. They are touchscreen compatible, and feature precision fingertips, should you want to use them for mobile gaming as well.

Performance grip means there’ll be no danger of that controller slipping in your hands, causing you to fumble and get pwned. The enhanced sweat management system on offer here will keep you on top of your game like never before. And following any particularly intense gaming sessions, you can cold wash these gloves in your washing machine, too.

Key Features

  • Performance grip design
  • Moisture wicking fabrics
  • Precision fingertips
  • Touchscreen compatible

  • Brand: Ironclad
  • Color: Black and Yellow
  • Material: Synthetic leather, neoprene
  • Weight: ‎3.84 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.58 x 3.54 x 0.16 inches

  • Good sweat catchers
  • Machine washable
  • Precision touchscreen movement

  • A little pricey

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Ironclad Console Gaming Gloves

If you’re sold on the idea of a pair of performance-enhancing gaming gloves, but feel that the fingers might be too restrictive, then these Americ Empire Pro Fingerless Gaming Gloves could be the perfect choice for you. These gloves leave your thumb and forefingers uncovered to allow for maximum fidelity and control.

With a complex rubber grip that provides an anti-slip surface for your palms and triple layer moisture-wicking fabric, you’ll notice the difference they make. And hand compression ensures blood is kept flowing to your hands during extended gameplay, to prevent any cramping, or ‘pins and needles’.

An adjustable velcro strap on the gloves means you can achieve a perfect fit on your hand so wearing these gloves will soon become second nature. Great for console gaming, these gloves allow for precise thumbstick and trigger control while giving you improved grip and combating sweaty mitts.

Key Features

  • Fingerless for thumbs and forefingers
  • Sweat absorbent materials
  • Friction barrier palm grip
  • Handcompression

  • Brand: Americ Empire
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Weight: ‎0.11 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: ‎9.45 x 5 x 1.22 inches

  • Decent protection against sweating
  • Can be machine washed
  • Helps the blood flow

  • Fingertip stitching can cause a small amount of discomfort

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Americ Empire Pro Fingerless Gaming Gloves

On first inspection, these might look like finger puppets. And while they could indeed be repurposed to that end, they are instead specially designed finger socks that have been engineered to help you improve your prowess as a mobile gamer.

The MGC Clawsocks remove the natural friction that thumbs and fingers give and replace it with a smooth, touchscreen capability that is unimpaired by oily fingertips. These thin and breathable socks are made from deluxe nylon and durable spandex, providing protection from dirt, sweat, and general ickiness.

Packaged in a set of six finger socks, you’d arguably need only one for each thumb; although you might feel a benefit from slipping one onto each forefinger too. Ideal for anybody who loves mobile gaming and wants to enjoy greater control while keeping their phone screen nice and clean, too. Or for anyone who just wants six finger puppets.

Key Features

  • Six-pack gaming finger socks
  • Protects against sweat, oil and dirt
  • Reduces friction and improves touchscreen responsiveness
  • Thin and breathable material

  • Brand: Mobile Gaming Corps
  • Color: Gray and Yellow
  • Material: Nylon, spandex
  • Weight: 0.317 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.29 x 5.08 x 0.16 inches

  • Keeps that phone screen smudge and dirt-free
  • Improve mobile gaming touchscreen responsiveness
  • Compatible with all touchscreen devices

  • Can lose elasticity over time

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MGC ClawSocks Mobile Phone Gaming Finger Sleeves

Although these look a bit like something that the Scarlet Witch might wear while chasing Doctor Strange around the Multiverse, they are instead moisture-wicking console gaming gloves that will improve your gaming grip. And their unique design is intended to stop your hands from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

Machine-washable (on a gentle cycle, mind), these gaming gloves have a micro-dot array on the palms to keep you gripped and sorted, keeping that controller firmly rested in your palms. The ultra-thin fabric ensures there’s no ‘bagging’ around the fingers so that your digits enjoy fluid, dextrous movement.

These gloves provide a textured grip for your thumbstick pointers, and your shoulder button trigger fingers while keeping your ring fingers and pinkies uncovered. A comfortable velcro strap secures the gloves in place so that you can hone those gaming skills with the benefit of a professional-feeling, sports-like grip.

Key Features

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Advanced micro-dot array
  • Textured grip for palms, thumbs and forefingers
  • Ultra-thin fabric for extra comfort
  • Velcro wrist fastening

  • Brand: Sleekz
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 0.06 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.02 x 2.36 x 1.14 inches

  • No material ‘bagging’ on fingers
  • Can be machine washed
  • Anti-slip surface on palms

  • Might not be as comfortable for larger hands

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Sleekz New Fiery Phoenix 3,000 Multi-purpose Gaming Gloves

For fans of racing sims, a bit part of the pull is a gaming setup that feels as authentic as possible. With professional racing wheels, gearstick shifters, and foot pedal arrays all readily available, it stands to reason that the next bit of essential kit for serious racing gamers is a decent pair of driving gloves. For your consideration, the Dapper Racing Sim Racing Gloves could be those gloves.

Made from faux leather and silicone, these gaming gloves feel like the real McCoy. A textured non-slip palm grip inspires confidence and makes these ideal for paddle-shifting and for sharp, assured movement. Their lightweight and wear-resistant material is gentle on steering wheels too, naturally assisting their longevity.

These racing sim gloves are also touchscreen compatible, which is a nice little bonus, although unlikely to be a deciding factor for prospective buyers. Instead, the meat and potatoes of these gloves lie in that authentic feel, and the confidence they will provide you with when you take on that next time trial.

Key Features

  • Non-slip grips on palms and fingers
  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Touchscreen compatible

  • Brand: Dapper Racing
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Material: Faux leather, silicone
  • Weight: ‎42 Grams
  • Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.2 inches

  • Provide great control for using shifters
  • Feel like authentic racing gloves
  • Won’t harm steering wheel fabric/materials
  • Ideal for racing sim fans

  • Grips might not be right for other types of gaming

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Winning the prize for the best-named gaming gloves, are the Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves. These are pro-gamer, anti-sweat fingerless gloves; which look like the ones that every character in The Walking Dead has somehow acquired a pair of, during the apocalypse.

Unlike those gloves, however, these ones are designed entirely with gaming in mind. Stretchable, ultra-soft fabric moves with the flex of your hands to offer long-lasting comfort for extended campaigns. Textured palm grips keep you firmly in control of the action, leaving you unable to blame your tools, should you happen to end up being the bad workman during a gaming session.

Anti-sweat fabric wicks away moisture from the sweatiest of palms, and soft elastic ‘finger’ joints keep movement flexible without impeding gameplay. If you’re a console gamer or use a controller for PC gaming, these comfortable gaming gloves could provide the edge that you’ve been missing until now.

Key Features

  • Fingerless gaming gloves
  • Anti-sweat
  • Hexagonal traction coated palm and finger grips
  • Soft elastic finger joints
  • Velcro fastening

  • Brand: Foamy Lizard
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: ‎0.05 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: ‎7.87 x 4.02 x 0.79 inches

  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Adjustable

  • Won’t suit touchscreen gaming

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Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves

Made from silver fiber, spandex, and nylon, these gaming gloves are best suited for mobile gamers; helping reduce friction on the screen, and boosting touch sensitivity. Anti-slip and oil-proof, plus anti-fingerprint too, without impeding your performance.

The palms are coated in a non-slip dot silica gel design, to give you a firm grip on the phone itself. And the silver fiber has been weaved into the fingertips of the gloves to heighten touch sensitivity, meaning the action on-screen will be fast and responsive to your touch.

Perfect for mobile and tablet gaming, these textured gaming gloves are comfortable and breathable and can stretch to accommodate even the meatiest of hands. Keep that phone screen pristine and clean, while taking your enemies to the cleaners. These are a great pair of gaming gloves for a very affordable price.

Key Features

  • Sweat-absorbant material
  • High-density knitting for improved durability
  • Textured palm grips
  • Silver fiber fingertips

  • Brand: Rakizbe
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Conductive fiber, silicone
  • Weight: 2.11 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 x 4.5 x 0.2 inches

  • Affordable
  • Anti-drag touchscreen-responsive fingertips
  • Fingerprint and oil-proof to protect phone’s screen

  • Can feel a little tight on the fingertips

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Rakizbe Gaming Gloves for Mobile Game Controller


Q: Why Do Some Gamers Wear Gloves?

Some gamers claim that gloves make it easier for them to move their thumbs quickly to react to gaming situations.

A gaming glove is a special kind of glove designed for gamers, that provides extra grip and dexterity for agile movement and speed.

Q: Are Gaming Gloves a Good Solution for Gamers With Sweaty Hands?

Gaming gloves help prevent sweaty hands, allowing you to play for much longer than you normally would.

They can also help relieve pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome and in some cases can even have a preventative effect on those ailments.

Q: What Other Benefits Might a Gamer Have to Gain From Wearing Gaming Gloves?

While gaming gloves may not guarantee the prevention of cramps, they can help reduce them.

Good gaming gloves with compression materials prevent constricted hand movements. They ensure flexible movements, so some hand muscles are not strained.

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