The Danger of High Cholesterol and How to Prevent It Read Now

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reviewed by dr. Shabrina Wakid

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as rarely exercising and eating excessively fatty foods, can cause high cholesterol levels in the blood. If not treated immediately, high cholesterol levels increase the risk of various serious diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks.

Normal cholesterol levels are important for the body’s organs to function optimally. However, if the levels are excessive, cholesterol can block blood flow and cause disease. Check out complete information about the dangers and how to prevent high cholesterol in this article.

Types of Cholesterol

Before knowing the dangers of high cholesterol, here are some types of cholesterol in the body:

1. High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

HDL or what is known as good cholesterol functions to remove excess cholesterol from the body through sweat, feces, and urine. The recommended normal HDL level is 40-60 mg/dL. You are advised to have high levels of HDL in the body so that health is maintained.

2. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

In contrast to HDL, LDL levels or what is known as excessive bad cholesterol can actually clog blood vessels and risk serious illness. Safe LDL levels are below 100 mg/dL. Make sure your LDL level is below 100 mg/dL to avoid various diseases.

3. Triglycerides

Just like LDL, excess triglyceride levels in the body run the risk of blocking blood flow which can cause various diseases. Safe triglyceride levels are below 150 mg/dL.

To prevent disease early on, you can check your cholesterol levels regularly at least once every four years.

The Danger of High Cholesterol

Besides rarely exercising and eating excessively high-fat foods, high cholesterol is caused by obesity, smoking, and diabetes. If not handled properly, high cholesterol increases the risk of the following diseases:


Stroke is caused by narrowing or blockage of blood vessels in a part of the brain that interferes with the function of that part of the brain. Disturbances that occur in brain function depend on the part of the brain that is affected, for example paralysis of the limbs, speech disorders, and swallowing disorders.

2. Heart disease

Another danger of high cholesterol is narrowing or hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). This condition blocks blood flow to the heart, causing heart disease and heart attacks.

3. Gallstones

Cholesterol functions to produce bile in the digestive system. Bile fluid serves to absorb nutrients from food consumed and digest fat. However, excessive cholesterol levels in the body can increase the risk of forming stones in the gallbladder.

How to Prevent High Cholesterol

Early prevention of high cholesterol is important to avoid the various diseases mentioned above. Therefore, you need to do the following ways to prevent high cholesterol:

  • Maintain ideal body weight.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Eat nutritious and low cholesterol foods.
  • Manage stress appropriately, for example relaxation techniques and aromatherapy.
  • Reduce drinking alcohol.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes per day.

That’s the danger and how to prevent high cholesterol that you need to know. However, high cholesterol is not accompanied by symptoms, so it is often realized after a person has the various diseases mentioned above. Therefore, it is important to check cholesterol to the doctor regularly to avoid disease. The doctor will provide recommendations on how to maintain normal cholesterol so that the body remains healthy.

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