Why is Car Insurance so important? Here are the benefits

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bocahhandal.com – Human negligence is an important factor in accidents. Also understood, this factor does not only come from us but also from other people.
On the streets, the negligence of others can have a negative impact on us. Even if a person has been driving in an orderly manner, he can become a victim due to a careless driver.

The risk of injury or death can be reduced by increasing safety, but the risk of a damaged vehicle is often unavoidable, either minor or serious. This is what makes our vehicles, in this case cars, must be secured. In addition, it costs a lot of money even if the damage is only in the form of blisters in the car.

The accident wasn’t the only reason. Thieves and vehicle thefts are increasing everywhere. Not only in big cities, small and lonely places are often a crime destination. The risk of losing the vehicle continues to increase. Therefore, it is very logical if someone decides to secure their car.

5 Reasons It’s Important to Have Car Insurance

The following are the advantages of having insurance:

1. You Pay Cheapest with Higher Profit

Insurance waives it from additional costs in the event of a natural disaster or other incident. We know that natural disasters are unpredictable or predictable. If there is a landslide, flood, earthquake or other things, which causes damage to your car, insurance will be ready to protect it. Including whether it experienced an act of destruction (vandalism) or car theft. You can now imagine a world without car insurance. Any damage to your car must replace every replacement part of your car with a personal pocket, risking your bank account and some or all of your assets. Accidents are more than just inconvenience, they are more for material and immaterial losses. Car insurance policies protect against unforeseen financial costs.

2. Save Time and Minimize Inconvenience in The Event of an Accident

His very busy activity is also the reason it is important to have car insurance. If you have auto insurance, your insurance company will help you through any unpleasant accidents, such as working with other driver’s insurance companies, assisting you with the claims process, helping to find a major repair shop and assisting your claim process for it to be resolved. Fast and fair. The process after the accident is quite difficult if you have to be alone.

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3. Calm in Driving

Drivers will never know the traffic scenarios that will occur every day. If you are one of those drivers who obey traffic but that doesn’t mean that other drivers obey traffic like you. Accidents can happen at any time and are very difficult to predict. Insurance is there to protect him from that scenario and is useful to soothe him from the costs of such a major accident. Hunted by unpleasant worries, right? This will not only make your life uncomfortable, you can get illnesses due to stress. With insurance, at least you can feel calm in the daily race; Not constantly worrying or even being paranoid. When you leave home, there is no fear of participating in an accident so your labor productivity and comfort is not affected at all.

4. Cover Damage to Other Less Fortunate Drivers’ Vehicles

The reason it’s important to have car insurance is also useful for people other than you. Car insurance now has different dependents as a driver. Car insurance can also cover losses due to damage to another driver’s damaged vehicle (HIT). You, as a driver, now do not have to be confused with third-party compensation or inconvenience, because the company will attend to everything that your car guarantees. , Having insurance frees him from third party liability. Driving accidents can occur for one cause or involve another. If you’re involved in an accident, you don’t have to worry about taking the costs of the other party. So you only think about yourself. Another case if there are other parts involved. With insurance, you will not only be free to you, you will not have to pay for third parties participating in the accident; Let the insurance take care of it. Whether it’s the cost of repairs and medical treatment, everything can be covered by insurance

5. Insurance can be a good investment medium

If you are thinking about saving while protecting your assets, insurance can be a great choice. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a means that could serve several purposes at the same time?

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Tips for getting the best and cheapest car insurance

Buying a good car insurance in Bandung, Jakarta, or other areas has the same tips. Well, good car insurance? How to get the best car insurance options? Here are various ways to choose the best auto insurance that you should consider.

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  1. Choose the appropriate type of insurance (all risk or TLO)
    It’s a good idea to identify needs and terrain that cars often miss. Whether it is inclined to pass through a broken road or in a busy city area. All risk insurance is suitable for car drivers in the city because of the high risk of getting hit by a beret. While TLO insurance is suitable for cars in areas with high crime rates.
  2. Choose an insurance company with trusted credibility
    Credible insurance not only because the brand is well known, but also because the service is trusted and as much as possible rarely gets complaints. You can look at various reviews of car insurance products on the internet and forums to get testimonials from users of insurance services. By considering this, you can also weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle insurance candidate you will choose.
  3. Choose an insurance that has a large partner workshop
    Usually insurers work closely with the official (official) workshops of your car brand, although there are also those who work with informal workshops. Also be aware that only some insurance brands allow users to be able to make repairs on any workshop. This car insurance benefit is very useful if your car breaks down in an unknown area.
  4. Compare premium pricing versus service features
    The cost of premium/car insurance has been regulated by the OJK (Financial Services Authority). However, features and services may differ from one product to another, even if the premium is the same. There are insurances that only cover damage to the car, but there are also those that give birth to the driver and passengers. Even without adding a fee. You can check what the car insurance benefits are on the policy including the features, coverage and additional benefits it provides. You also need to know the insurance period so that you can find out how long the car insurance coverage period is. If you have agreed, then sign.

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Have you started thinking about deciding which car insurance you will choose? In addition to having equipped yourself with knowing the various benefits of car insurance, also make sure you are always careful in understanding the policies, conditions, and exceptions to the car insurance product that you will take. Hopefully this article useful for you

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