The Pass Movie Ending Explained: How Does The Drama Movie End?

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Here is The Pass Movie Ending Explained. “The Pass” by Peacock is a film about love, trust, and the effects of adultery. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Robert Christopher Riley and Drew Sidora play a married couple juggling their personal life with their growing professional commitments in the movie.

The couple’s marital issues intensify and spiral out of hand when they try giving each other a “hall pass” to spend the night with someone else. Infidelity is awful enough on its own, but it turns out that “The Pass” is far more complicated than you might realize.

“The Pass” is kept largely inside the family, unlike other films starring “Real Housewives” actors. Kandi Burruss, a “Real Housewives” star, is the film’s producer, while Todd Tucker, her husband, receives a screenplay credit.

The two of them were fiercely committed to telling this narrative, and with the assistance of other celebrities like Sidora, they succeeded. Dramatic twists and turns are present throughout “The Pass” and don’t stop until the conclusion.

Although most of the characters don’t reveal their true reasons until the end of the movie, there’s no reason you have to do the same once the movie ends. We’re here to explain why it’s difficult and unpack the surprising twist from “The Pass.”

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The Pass Movie Ending Explained

Even though she feels bad about lying to Maurice, Nina can’t stop thinking about what happened between her and Terra once she returns from Los Angeles. She tells Terra how she feels, and they decide to spend another night together.

The Pass
The Pass (Credit: Peacock)

While continuing to mislead Maurice, Nina believes he is also misleading her. She notices that Maurice has been receiving images from a lady, and she begins to suspect that he has been having an affair since she gave him a pass.

While Maurice is away, Terra comes over to sleep with Nina, but she has other plans. She leaves a pair of underwear in his and Nina’s bed and conceals a condom packet in Maurice’s jacket.

Nina decides to install cameras in her home to catch Maurice cheating after discovering the fake proof, but she continues to have affairs with Terra.

When Maurice finds the cameras, he also finds a video of Terra and Nina interacting. Because of her infidelity, Nina is now required by the provisions of their prenuptial agreement to surrender 50% of her assets, including millions of dollars from her trust fund.

He files for divorce. Although Nina is distraught, there is still one more surprise for the viewers. Ultimately, we find out that Terra, Maurice, and their other friends had been preparing for this from the start.

Seven years ago, they set up Nina to rob her of money, and they’re now prepared to do the same to a new victim. Nina’s parents play minor but significant roles in “The Pass.”

We get to meet Etta initially appears to be positioned to become a rival or, at the very least, a significant roadblock for Maurice. Even though Etta’s daughter and her husband have been married for a long time, Etta doesn’t trust him.

Although Etta is eager to hire Maurice for a position at her real estate company, she doesn’t offer him any significant responsibilities and constantly criticizes him. Etta’s cautions on Maurice ultimately fail to prevent Nina from falling for his tricks.

The Pass
The Pass (Credit: Peacock)

It’s possible that Nina’s father played a role in that. He passed away a long time before the movie’s events, leaving Nina and Etta to rely only on one another. Although the movie doesn’t specify a specific period, it is hinted that Nina’s father passed away about the same time she and Maurice started dating.

Maurice probably took advantage of the death by using it as an opening. In the wake of her father’s passing, he could intervene and pretend to be a caring support system because he knew that Nina had a lot of money.

That was just the start of his fraud, but it gave him the motivation to launch his plan.

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