The Place Beyond The Pines Filming Locations: Where Is The Movie Filmed?

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To what extent are you ready to go for your family? Will you turn to the world of crime for your loved ones? Will your love keep you from getting involved in a life filled with dangers? Directed by Derek Clanfrance, it is an epic crime film from 2012 following the chase between a stunt rider turned robber, and the chase starts after he grabs the attention of cops.

Produced by Sidney Kimmel and Jamie Patricof, the film stars Ryan Gosling playing the role of Luke, the film’s protagonist, Bradley Cooper playing the role of Avery, and Eva Mendes playing the role of Romania.

Dane DeHaan played the role of Jason, Emory Cohen played the role of AJ, Rose Byrne played the role of Jenifer, and Mahershala Ali played the role of Bill Killcullen in the lead. The film’s supporting cast stars Harris Yulin playing the role of Al Cross and Ben Mendelsohn playing the role of Robin.

Ray Liotta plays the role of Deluca, Robert Clohessy plays the role of Chief Weirzbowski, Gabe Fazio plays the role of Scott, and Olga Merediz plays the role of Malena.

the place beyond the pine
Still From The Place Beyond The Pine [Credits: Focus Feature]

The film’s focus is on Luke taking up the world of crime, Avery, a cop determined to remove corruption from his department, and two teens who have to deal with the aftermath of Avery and Luke’s actions. Produced by Sidney Kimmel and Jamie Patricof, the film’s brilliant story was by Derek Cianfrance and Ben Coccio.

Released on March 29, 2013, the film has a run time of 140 minutes. The film had the viewers excited and hooked on it till the end. Even though the film had a brilliant and unique story, it failed to earn the expected amount at the box office.

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The Place Beyond The Pines Premise

The film starts in 1977, with Luke, a motorcycle stuntman, and his traveling fair traveling to Schenectady to meet Romina Gutierrez, his ex-lover. Once Luke arrives at Romina’s place he discovers she is in a relationship with another man.

Soon, Luke also discovers that he is the father of Romina’s baby, Jason, and she decides to keep it a secret from her. Following the discovery, Luke decides to leave their life of Carmival behind to stay close to his ex and baby. To survive in the new place, Luke starts to assist and work for Robin Van Der Hook, a mechanic.

Even though Luke starts to work hard, he doesn’t make enough and asks for more hours of work from Robin, and the latter reveals his past to Luke. Robin propositions Luke that they start to rob banks together to make quick money. Luke plans his first bank robbery and is successful in getting away from it after riding his bike into a van driven by Robin.

the place beyond the pine
Ryan As Luke [Credits: Focus Features]

Luke starts to have sex with Romania in his caravan, and he starts to spend time with Jason. Luke gets arrested after he attacks Kofi with a wrench when he tries to stop his attempt to put a cot together for Jason in Kofi and Romania’s house.

Luke and Robin’s dynamic pair has a fallout after the latter decides to stop doing any more robberies after he gets Luke bailed out from prison. Luke is determined to provide for Jason, but Robin dismantles Luke’s bike.

In protest, Luke robs Robin’s house to get money for a new bike. The police start to pursue Luke hot on the tail after he tries another bank robber. Luke enters a stranger’s house to protect himself and phones Romina to ask her not to reveal his information to Jason. Luke falls to his death after Avery, another policeman, enters the room and shoots him in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Avery is a married man with a son and gets hailed as a hero for ending Luke’s life. Avery feels guilty about ending Luke’s life but tells his colleagues from his department that Luke shot first. Avery is coerced by corrupt police officers into stealing from Romania’s house.

Avery tries to return his cut from the steal to Romania, who actively rejects it, and this leads to Avery secretly recording other illegal activities going on in the station. Fifteen years have passed, and Avery is now running for New York’s Attorney General.

A.J. Avery’s son has grown up to be a drug addict and lives with Jenifer, Avery’s ex-wife. A.J. moves out of his mother’s house and starts to live with his father and join Schenectady High School. A.J. befriends a now teenage Jason as neither of them is aware of each other’s past.

The pair of teens get arrested for drug possession, and Avery orders A.J. to stay away from Jason while getting Jason’s charges dropped. Kofi tells Jason about Luke and his past. Jason also learns that Avery was behind killing his father and gets in a confrontation with A.J.

Jason buys a gun after getting released from the hospital and goes to Cross’s family home. Once there, Jason holds Avery hostage and takes him deep into the woods, where Avery apologizes while breaking down.

The film ends with Jason riding away on a motorcycle and Avery celebrating with his son after becoming New York’s attorney general.

The Place Beyond The Pines: Filming Locations

The filming for the crime action started in 2011, with Schenectady, New York, as the prime location.

New York, U.S.A

The most populous city in the U.S.A., known for its beauty and alluring skyscrapers. New York was used by the production crew for the filming of The Place Beyond The Pines.

Glenville, New York, was used by the crew for filming the scene with Luke riding his bike into the truck driven by Robin on Gower Rd. Route 7 Diner, Latham, was used by the crew for filming the scene with the diner where Romania used to work as a waitress.

Hello Tomorrow primary filming location: New York
Filming Locations: New York City (Credits: Focus Feature)

Vale Cemetery in Schenectady was used by the crew to film the scene with the police chasing Luke. Altamont was used by the crew for the filming of the fairgrounds scene. Plymouth Avenue in Schenectady was used for the filming of the scene where Luke hid in a stranger’s house.

State Street in Schenectady was used for the filming of the part where the bank robbery and street chase take place. Dairy Circus in Scotia was used for the part where Jason eats his first ice cream. 1st National Bank of Scotia was used for the filming of the scene where Luke attempted his first robbery.

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