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Nasal congestion that occurs in babies is usually caused by a cold. Flu that attacks babies is usually caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory tract, both the nose and throat. With this condition it will make it difficult for your baby to breathe. Then how to deal with nasal congestion in babies? Check out the following article

How to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Babies

There are various easy ways you can do to deal with nasal congestion in your baby, you know, here’s how to deal with nasal congestion in babies

a. To overcome a stuffy nose, you can drink warm water for your baby

Giving warm water to your baby will speed up the healing process, especially colds in babies. Warm water is proven to be able to thin mucus that has settled in the nasal passages, so if you give warm water to your baby, the mucus will be easier to remove.

Warm water drinks don’t have to be plain water, you can combine warm water drinks with lemon or honey, you can even mix ginger ale so that your throat will be warmer. Apart from that, giving warm tea can also be an antiseptic made from natural ingredients so it is safe for your baby

b. The second way is by inhaling warm water vapor

This step is powerful enough for you to apply to overcome nasal congestion in your beloved child, the first step is to boil water until it boils, after that you can put the boiled water in a container, after that you can invite your baby to be able to inhale the warm water vapor. , but make sure you put the container with warm water not too close to your child, because if it’s too close your child will overheat.

c. The third way is that you can compress your child’s nose using warm water

If your child has a cold and has a stuffy nose, you can compress your child’s nose using warm water. The method is quite easy. You only need to dip a cloth that has a smooth and soft texture, then you can squeeze it out and rub it on the baby’s nose.

d. Your next step can be to give cold medicines specifically for children according to your child’s age

Make sure when you buy medicine for children, you must pay attention to the age of your child, don’t buy it wrong. Because the dosage in the drug is usually determined based on existing age. In addition, make sure you look for drugs that already contain PE or phenylephrine which act as decongestants that can relieve nasal congestion.

The above is a way to deal with nasal congestion in babies, which you can apply so that the child will return to health.

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