Tish Cyrus Net Worth

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What is Tish Cyrus net worth? The producer is making it to the top of the news for her wedding with Dominic Purcell in Malibu. It was indeed very lavish, with the approval of her beloved daughter, Miley Cyrus. But today, what’s more concerning is how much Tish Cyrus has earned so far. That’s mainly her monetary wealth, which is under question. 

Tish Cyrus isn’t just a producer but also a manager. Not everyone knows that she has been managing her two daughters: Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, from the beginning of their careers. In addition to this, Tish still manages the Crush Music star, Jonathan Daniel. What’s more prominent is Tish owns a television and film production company- Hopetown Entertainment. 

Back in 2017, Tish co-hosted Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer. Some of her other works are- So Undercover, The Last Song, Brandiville, and Take 2. 

Well, Tish Cyrus was previously married to Billy Ray Cyrus. To be more exact, the two were married for three decades until this year, when they got divorced. However, the good part is that Tish found happiness in life, no matter if it was with someone else. Being happy in life is more important, and everyone has that right. 

Coming back to Tish Cyrus’ monetary earnings, she made the most of it from being a successful manager and producer, of course. It’s also her production company being a significant source. But the question remains: how much did Tish earn? Here is what we know about Tish Cyrus’ net worth.

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Tish Cyrus Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

Talking about her monetary earnings, Tish Cyrus’ net worth is estimated to be a whopping $20 million. As mentioned above, it’s mainly from Tish’s production credits. Over the years, Tish Cyrus’ net worth changed a lot but in an increasing manner. That’s the good part. But it’s not easy, of course. Tish is reported to earn $2 million annually. 

Tish Cyrus Net Worth
Tish Cyrus and her daughter, Miley Cyrus (Credits: ELLE)

Not to forget to mention, Tish Cyrus also played a role in  Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds Concert. The film was released in 2008, but she was uncredited for that. Besides her production company, Hopetown Entertainment, Tish Cyrus’ net worth is also fueled by her appearances in television shows. That included- Miley: The Movement, The Talk, Entertainment Tonight, and The Insider. No wonder Tish is talented and hard-working enough. 

It’s not always just money that defines the net worth of an individual. Tish Cyrus earned massive respect from people for her contributions to Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus’ life. She isn’t just their mother, but a friend too. 

With Tish Cyrus’ net worth being huge, the manager is believed to have made investments in real estate properties and cars. That’s quite a very usual and common investment that celebrities make. When it comes to her house, Tish owns a huge mansion in Nashville. Besides this, she also owns another house in Los Angeles. 

Concerning Tish Cyrus’ car collection, she got spotted with a Range Rover. Some of her other cars are from the brands- Porsche, Aston Martin, etc. No wonder Tish is a car freak person. However, it’s only been possible because of her dedication and hard work. We can’t deny that! 

Tish Cyrus Net Worth
Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell have embarked on a new journey together as a couple (Credit: People)

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Tish Cyrus Recently Tied The Knot For The Second Time With Dominic Purcell 

On 19 August 2023, Tish Cyrus got hitched with the love of her life, Dominic Purcell. Everyone knows him- The Flash actor. Congratulations!

Well, Miley showed immense support, stating that their love is “genuine.” As a daughter, the singer felt great to see Tish (mother) happy. She walked her down the aisle. Tish’s extravagant wedding ceremony with Dominic took place in Malibu, California. Concerning the arrangements, Tish said, “I knew exactly what I wanted and was very controlling of the entire process.” 

Best Wishes to Tish Cyrus for both her marriage life and career. Make sure to follow Tish on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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