Vacation Friends 2 Filming Locations: Where Is The Buddy Comedy Movie Filmed?

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Fans were left excited to know where the sequel of their favorite Vacation Friends movie got filmed. Clay Tarver directed the series, and it followed Marcus, Emily, and their friends on their trip to the Caribbean.

Written by Clay Traver, the film’s lead cast stars Lil Rel Howe in Marcu’s role, the lead protagonist, Yvone Orji plays Emily, Marcus’s wife, John Cena plays Ron, Marcus’s friend, Meredith Hagner plays Kayla’s role, Ron’s wife, Steven Busvemi plays Reese Hackford.

The film’s supporting cast has Carlos Chieng playing Maurillio, Ronny Chieng playing Yeon, Jamie Hector playing Warren, and Julee Creda playing Mrs. Kim. The comedy movie aired on August 25, 2023, by Hulu and had a runtime of 105 minutes. Vacation Friends proved to be quite boring as compared to the first part of the movie.

Produced by Todd Garner and Stuart M. Besser, the film is doing well amongst the viewers. Viewers felt the movie was kind of meh, and it got an overwhelmingly negative response. The film is available for viewers to watch on Disney+ and lasts 103 minutes. The film’s sequel proved to be a failure, as compared to the first one.

vacation friends
Emily And Marcus Discuss Their Next Move [Credits: Disney+]

Vacation Friends’ sequel failed to grab viewers’ attention with its ordinary storyline with nothing new to offer. Viewers found the film to be repetitive with the storyline where a group of friends went on a vacation, and things started to go wrong after a while. 

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Vacation Friends 2 Premise

The film focuses on Marcus and Emily winning an all-paid expedition to a Caribbean resort and the pair inviting their uninhibited best friends to join them on the trip. Things turn upside down when Kayla’s incarcerated dad, San, shows up to wreak havoc in the peaceful lives of the friend group.

The film begins with Marcus, Emily, Kayla, and Ron sitting at the airport, discussing their trip to the Caribbean. Marcus won the tickets to an all-paid expedition to the Caribbean that he and his wife wanted to share with their friends to give them a proper honeymoon.

Still From Vacation Friends 2 [Credits: Disney+]

Vacation Friends 2 Premise

Marcus has another reason behind inviting Ron and Kayla to join them on the Carribean trip, as he planned to interview Kim Wae to get the contract for building a luxury hotel in Chicago. Marcus and Emily get drunk after Ron encourages them to enjoy their time on vacation.

The following morning, Marcus gets informed that his meeting with Kim Tae has moved up due to the latter already arriving at the hotel. After the meeting, the friend’s group met at night to drink and enjoy the night. Yeon informed Marcus that he was not his choice for the hotel project in Chicago.

The events planned by the friends get interrupted by the arrival of Kayla’s father, and within moments of his arrival, he fights with Ron. Ron and Marcus go on a boy’s trip to the beach to surf on high waves. Marcus is injured after he got washed away by a high wave. Ki gets hospitalized after they play a game of drinks at a casino. 

Meanwhile, Emily gets ejected after Kayla gives her a card counting. Reese set a meeting with Warren, the drug lord, to recover Warren’s downed plane. Warren threatens to end Reese’s life but gets interrupted when Ron and Marcus arrive.

Reese invites the group to go snorkeling with him with the ulterior motive of retrieving five million dollars from Warren’s plane. The group gets chased by the authorities, but they escape narrowly while Jerome escapes with cash before the plane explodes. The group returns to the hotel while Warren continues to chase them.

Maurillio saves Ron, Reese, and Marcus after they are held captive by Warren and his men. The film ends with the group celebrating and Ron making plans to do a drinking rematch with Minjin.

Vacation Friends 2 Filming Locations

The movie’s filming started in late 2022, with Oahu as the prime location.

Oahu, Kailua

The third largest Island of Hawaii, known for its beautiful location and sceneries, Oahu, Kailua, was used as the prime location for the filming of the comedy movie titled Vacation 2 by the production crew.

vacations 2
Filming Location- Oahu, Kailua [Credits: Disney+]

Turtle Bay Resort of Oahu was used by the crew to film the exteriors of the Carribean resort the couple stayed at. Kapaa Quarry Road was also used by the crew to film some of the chase scenes of the movie.

Dragonara Palace was used by the crew to film the part where the group of friends met at the casino. Kalaeokauna was used to film the beach scenes of the movie.

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