Various Ways to Fatten a Hard Fat Body Read Now

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Like being overweight, being underweight is also bad for health. There are many risks of being underweight, such as lack of blood, malnutrition, and impaired fertility. Then, how to fatten a hard body fat?

In order not to be overweight or deficient, it is important to maintain an ideal body weight. Having an ideal body weight is beneficial for maintaining health and strengthening the immune system. For those of you who are underweight, here are various ways to fatten up a body that is hard to get fat.

How to fatten a body that is difficult to get fat safely

Changing habits is a healthy and minimal side effect way to speed up weight gain. Here are some healthy habits that can be applied to fatten a hard fat body:

1. Exercise regularly

In addition to slimming the body, exercise is also beneficial for fattening the body. Choose sports for strength and muscle mass, so that weight increases, for example, sit-ups, push-ups, tricep dips, swimming, and pull ups. Exercise is also effective in increasing appetite, thereby speeding up calorie intake.

2. Quality sleep

Quality and sound sleep is recommended for fattening a body that is difficult to gain weight. This method is also useful for accelerating the formation of body tissue. Therefore, adults need to sleep at least 7-9 hours per day.

There are various measures that need to be applied to get a good night’s sleep, for example, dimming the lights before going to bed instead of staring at the screen gadgets before bed, don’t eat heavy before bed, and take a warm bath.

3. Implement a healthy diet

Another way to fatten the body that is hard to get fat is to have enough nutrition and calorie intake. A number of recommended nutrients, including fat, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Carbohydrates and fats function to accelerate the formation of fat tissue and provide energy needs. Meanwhile, protein functions to increase muscle mass and body weight. In addition, multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits, and water. However, avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar and salt.

4. Eat more often

In order for the body to get fat quickly, multiply calories and nutrition by increasing the frequency of eating. If you are unable to eat in large quantities, you are advised to eat small amounts, but continuously. For example, eat up to 6 times per day, but in small amounts.

5. Drink whey protein milk

Drinking whey protein milk can be used to fatten a hard-to-fat body. Whey milk is the leftover milk from cheese production which is useful for gaining weight and accelerating muscle building. In essence, weight gain is not only about fat gain, but also muscle mass. If supplemented with regular exercise, whey milk is effective in repairing muscle damage. However, this type of milk is not recommended for people with lactose intolerance, because it can make their symptoms worse.

6. Drink juice or smoothie

Drinking high-calorie juice or smoothies is also effective in fattening the body. To increase calories, mix vegetables or fruits into smoothies or juices, so they are effective in increasing weight and maintaining health.

If you have applied the methods above, but have not succeeded in fattening your body, you should consult a doctor so that it can be handled properly.

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