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TB or tuberculosis is a disease that is quite common in Indonesia. This disease, although it is contagious, can actually be cured. However, if the patient does not carry out the treatment process until it is finished or according to the procedure, it is not impossible that the TB he is suffering from will get worse.

In the following, we will discuss the characteristics of severe TB disease to add to your insight and alertness.

1. Cough Accompanied by Spots of Blood

The first sign of severe TB is a cough accompanied by blood streaks.

Actually, initially the patient will cough accompanied by yellow phlegm. However, over time, the cough will become more frequent. Frequent coughing that occurs will result in irritation and also damage to the respiratory tissue.

This is what causes blood spots to come out when the patient is coughing.

2. Breath Becomes Congested

The second feature of TB disease that has become increasingly severe is shortness of breath. However, it should be noted that this only occurs in some patients.

Generally, patients experience shortness of breath as a result of fluid buildup in the cavities in the lungs and the lining.

It is this fluid that presses on the lungs and makes them unable to inflate and deflate completely so that TB sufferers experience shortness of breath.

3. There is swelling in the lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes usually occur due to a decrease in the immune system.

The patient can recognize this condition by feeling the side of the neck under the chin, around the groin or in the armpits.

It should be noted that if the tuberculosis suffered has reached a critical stage, then the patient’s skin can also be affected. For example, the patient may have a lump that is reddish in color, even bleeding.

4. Experiencing Chronic Diarrhea

Another feature of severe TB disease is that the patient will experience chronic diarrhea. The cause is tuberculosis bacteria which is the cause of TB that has spread to the intestines.

This makes the intestines experience infections up to chronic diarrhea which lasts for more than one month if not treated immediately.

5. Drastic Weight Loss

In addition to diarrhea, TB sufferers will generally experience drastic weight loss.

Because the spread of TB bacteria that have reached the intestines often makes TB sufferers lose their appetite so that it will affect weight drastically.

6. Experiencing pain in the back

If TB has progressed to the outside of the lungs, the bacteria can also attack the joints and bones.

If it is the spine that is attacked and damaged, then there is a possibility that the nerves will be damaged and may even experience paralysis.

That’s information about some of the characteristics of severe TB disease, hopefully it can add to your insight. Greetings healthy.