What Happened To Jen Brady? The Tennis Player’s Injury Which Kept Her Out For Nearly A Couple Of Years

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Want to know about what happened to Jen Brady? The tennis player is currently making headlines as she made her way back at the 2023 US Open.

Fans are very happy and joyous about her comeback after knowing that she is in a good state. In case you forgot, Jennifer was on her break from tennis, because of a serious injury. What happened to her?

Jen Brady is a versatile tennis player, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Born in 1995, she is now 28 years old. Concerning her performance in the recent 2023 US Open, Jen made it to the third round.

It was in 2021 when Jennifer Brady rose to prominence after making it to the final at the Australian Open in singles.

How can we forget to mention her wonderful play at the 2019 Australian Open? She made it to the semi-final round in doubles. In the same year, Jen participated in Wimbledon and reached the second round, playing in doubles. 

Coming back to Jen Brady’s injury, it threatened her tennis career. In other words, it was so serious that she couldn’t play for nearly two years. To be more particular, it took place in 2021. Now, when she made her return, many of her fans still don’t know the details about what went wrong. You are one of them! No worries! We will get you covered. 

What Happened To Jen Brady?
Jen Brady (Credit: Tennis365)

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Jen Brady’s Injury Kept Her Away From Playing Tennis For Two Years: What Happened? 

Unfortunately, Jen Brady’s injury was so serious that it kept her out of the WTA Tour, for almost 18 long months. During her match against Jelena Ostapenko in the 2021 Cincinnati  Open, she got injured badly and was forced to make her departure. More precisely, she hurt her knee, and it was painful.

Jen Brady suffered from knee pains repeatedly. She was very concerned about it, wondering if she would be able to play tennis again. 

Guess, what? Jen Brady is a fighter, and we are proud of that. In every sport, injuries play a common role. But, what we saw in Jen Brady is highly appreciative. Despite having knee and foot pains, she kept her practice on. 

Talking more about Jen Brady’s health, she suffered from a knee joint issue. The tennis player also underwent surgery. This year, Jen Brady was about to make her return at the French Open.

But, it was delayed. Why? That was again because of her foot injuries. Jen Brady surprised her fans not just by her return but also by winning against the player against whom she was injured. Isn’t that great? 

What Happened To Jen Brady?
Jen Brady (Credit: Tennis Majors)

On this note, one must understand that no player was responsible for Jen Brady’s ugly injury. It was all for a freak accident in the 10th game of the second set at the 2021 Cincinnati Open.

Also, it was very much unfortunate for Jennifer Brady, as she was leading the match. Because of her injury, she failed to. 

To cover for the injury, Jen Brady took a break. She realized that she needed to recover first, to prove herself again. But, she hardly knew that it would take nearly two years of her life. 

During a recent interview, Jen Brady shared that she lost a lot of her skills, her “muscle mass.” In addition to that, she also said that it took a lot of patience. Also, she stayed disciplined. For every person, it’s very important to trust the process. 

Best Wishes to Jen Brady for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow Jennifer, on her Instagram account for more updates. Now, that Jen has made her return to play tennis wonderfully, we are hopeful she doesn’t suffer from that same ugly and career-threatening injury, again. 

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